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A lot of people can't get jobs and many are held back due to credit checks and past convictions for non violent offenses. Is it time to end this and not have that as part of employment we will dig in tonight

Divorce is common in America but the reasons vary. However divorce still carries many negative opinions and affects even tho in many cases it is for the best. We will be talking live about divorce on Tuesday. Join us and share your thoughts

The reality of how many young victims there are or have come thru the Catholic Church may never be known and the question is why is the demand for justice not bigger. We will ask these questions and talk about a topic that many won't

Gay rights is a hot topic in America but the truth is Gays are not held back or discriminated against. When you make the decision to be different you accept some May not agree wether gay or straight. It is time to have an honest an... more

Cancer is the grim reaper that we all fear. Everyday there is a new campaign or catchy slogan but what about a cure or an update. Where does the money go and why isn't it easy to track. Think we are closer to a cure then listen up... more

We always hear about the affect of broken homes on young men but what about the affect on young women. It is a different angle but one that needs addressed. We address it tonight live. Feel free to join in.

Your daughter is dating the nice guy that has great manners and you assume he is perfect for her. Fact is teenage girls all over America are in abusive relationships and many times parents are in the dark. But what are the signs... more

Everyday seniors across the country are victims of abuse and yet we hear very little about it. Left alone with people we assume are taking care of them often the abuse isn't discovered until it is to late. As the host of this show knows all to... more

Single mothers across America are holding it down and making daily sacrifices for their children. No help from the sperm donor and no handouts these women are some of the strongest women in the country and it's ashamed they have to do it... more

Domestic violence is a heated topic with many different views on what is abuse and how victims should deal with it. Laws have been put in place to have zero tolerance but have they worked the way they were intended and have they... more