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"The mysteries and possibilities of the Universe may be closer to Main Street than you may have ever Imagined". A show about interesting people and inspiring ambitions. Main Street Universe is the "Flag ship show" hosted by Daniel Michael, associate producer Genise R. White and Brett Hillman. Other hosts include executive producer and co-creator Kevin Baird, Jesse Ann Nichols George, Susun Weed, Queen Mother Imakhu, Darren BuCare, Randy Goldberg and more to come!!!

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I look at which presidential candidates are still in the race and their vice presidential choices. How will this combination mix and blend with these offices, the US, and their ability to interact on a Global scale. I also share through my code interpretation of this what this is likely to mean for the United States. As a Coding Interpreter I AM able to share the truth of things. It gives insights that allow for foresight and Divine wisdom. Forewarned is well armed. Code Interpretation provides peace instead of getting wrapped up in the competition that separates us from Divine presence. I share compassionate ways to handle the ebbs and flows of life; breaking the programming that is instilled in us from the moment we incarnate. I delve into all the topics you want to know about, wonder about; sharing with you ways to deal with what is happening in the world. While we do not want to focus on the negative heavy energy; we do want to know what it is about so that we can make wiser choices in our lives, and to hold the space of Divine energy instead of turning our power over to a few. Choice is our God/Goddess given gift; and important that we use it to be our own expression of the Divine essence. Website: www.compassioncodes.com Clare Hedin: www.clarehedin.com Shimshai: www.shimshai.com
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Jesse interviews Dr. Linda Gadbois – Visionary artist and founder of Creative Transformations; which is dedicated to providing people with Higher Education and Strategic Intervention that meets and exceeds the highest... more

Join host Susun Weed every Tuesday evening at 10 pm eastern time as she discussues herbal medicine in this half hour on air class! Susun is an author and teacher who discusses herbal medicine and psychology of healing. To check out... more

I take a look at what messages and hidden agendas are in the movies we watch. Even those simple sweet Hallmark movies are sending messages that may be setting you up for bigger control patterns. Movies are a catalyst for testing... more

Google: psychic medium Kevin Baird and NuCompanion to find out more. Kevin Started his life as an adult by joining the Army, where after several psychic events got him transfered to the psychic soldiers program in U.S. Army INSCOM... more

Karen Bruhin: High Priestess of The Tenders of the Earth Temple will talk to Daniel Michael, Executive Producer and Genise R White, Associate Producer about being the Wiccan High Priestess at the Democratic National Convention... more

Herbal Medicine is peoples medicine!!

I look at what to beware of when walking your spiritual path. Is the person you are studying with truly walking their talk? Is one thing presented as humanitarian; and in reality abusive and tortuous? Are the people you are learning from really... more

Kevin Baird has returned to us here at Main Street Universe after his research and development of his NuCompanion project. All his life he has been a high functioning intuitive. His psychic ability got discovered/developed while he was in... more

Join host Susun Weed every Tuesay night at 10 pm easternt time for this half hour Herbal Medicine class! Susun is an author and teacher wgo runs the Wise Woman center. She discusses herbal medicine and sychology of healing. To... more