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"The mysteries and possibilities of the Universe may be closer to Main Street than you may have ever Imagined". A show about interesting people and inspiring ambitions. Main Street Universe is the "Flag ship show" hosted by Daniel Michael, associate producer Genise R. White and Brett Hillman. Other hosts include executive producer and co-creator Kevin Baird, Jesse Ann Nichols George, Susun Weed, Queen Mother Imakhu, Darren BuCare, Randy Goldberg and more to come!!!

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Jesse interviews Judith Diana Winston – a visionary photo-artist, writer, life mentor. She has worked in the film industry as an actress, script supervisor, and as a fashion photographer. Diana authored ?Meditative Magic – The Pleiadean Glyphs?, and also ?The Keeper of the Diary?. She combines her spiritual quest with her abilities as an artist and communicator; focused on understanding mankind's origin and destiny; which led to almost ten years visiting, photographing and learning about many of the earth's ancient megalithic sacred sites. Diana's travels also drew her to research archeological texts, mythology, and channeled material related to these places. She considers herself a Mystic and believes that the entire planet is going through a dimensional shift; with a purpose to change and elevate consciousness and to work toward healing. Diana points out that as we vibrate at a higher frequency it forces us to face our deepest fears as well as offering opportunities to realize personal and collective dreams. We look at her work with ?The Pleiadean Glyphs?. You can learn more about Diana's work at: Clare Hedin: Shimshai:
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Jesse interviews Jackie Lapin - world leader in educating, mentoring and coaching people on Practical Conscious Creation. Jackie is a noted speaker, coach and transformational business consultant. Her mission is to turn millions of people... more

Join host Susun Weed as she continues her series on the 13 Sacred Trees!!! Susun discusses herbal medicine,psychology of healing as well as sexual /reproductive health. To check out her books go... more

The word primal refers to a method of psychological healing that examines the difficult and damaging aspects of our childhoods and helps us feel what was too much for us as children back then. This primal method of healing frees us in the... more

Jesse interviews Tina FireWolf – As a Speaker, Writer, Ordained Interfaith Minister and facilitator of Ancient Healing she is dedicated to igniting everyday enlightenment. She empowers you to know your own Spirit; and ignites a Union... more

Join hosts Jim and Ashley Cash as they interview health and wellness visionary, Lisa Jackson of Carpe Diem Wellness. Lisa's mission is "to inspire, educate, and promote true wellness, not merely the absence of illness. To teach others the... more

Join host Darren BuCare and co-host Daniel Michael as they discuss what part food can play in Spirtual practice. Cleansing,charging ,blessing and even magickal intention? we will discuss the relationship betweeen the practicioner and the food... more

This week Susun will continue her discussion of Hawthorne as part of her 13 Sacred Trees series!!! Check out her books here: This show is meant... more

Jesse interviews Tina van Leuven - the Joy Oracle at InnerDelight and international bestseller coauthor of Inspirations for a Woman's Soul: Choosing Happiness and author of Money and Miracles: 40 Days to the Perfect... more

Join host Daniel Michael and associate producer Genise R White as they open the phone lines for those interested in a Tarot /Oracle reading! 760-542-4345!!!