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Learn to use magnets, crystals, pyramids with sacred words of power for healing and transformation. Personal healing requests are welcome. Bring crystals.

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Tonight's show will be featuring TWO of the keynote speakers of the upcoming event, The God Frequency Conference, Dr. Phil Valentine & Bro. Panic. This event is being hosted by Bro. Rich, Blackmagik363 on youtube, along with a... more

Ankhsgiving- The spark becomes the flame. Tonight's show is featuring Sister Myrrh and her supportive collective to bring awareness of purpose. Uphold the principles of Ubuntu, being aware of We/Me. Elevate the importance of... more

Let me know if you get this BIO: Radiant Alchemy Wellness is The evolution of the Husband & Wife Dynamic Duo: Master teacher/healers Dr.Brown and Rev. Safiya Oni Brown both Medical Intuitives, Spiritual Life Coaches & Advisers,... more

Tonights show will be an epic presentation on HOW TO PREPARE PSYCHEDELICS. Topic of discussion will be tomorrow's workshop at Nicholas Bookstore, Brooklyn, New York. Master Kilindi Iyi will speak on the amazing... more

5-meo-DMT is the most powerful entheogenic compound on the planet; and DMT, or Dimethyltryptamine, is present at lower levels as the active component in Ayahuasca, Iboga, and Psylocibin. Unlike the aforementioned entheogens also... more

Say no to extracting them from their natural God-given home! Say no to buying toad venom, or "pet" toads from the black market! To do so is to support drug abuse and gun trafficking, as well as the potential extinction of this powerful... more

?I have spent almost the past ten years on the path of remembrance. About halfway in on my journey of discovery, it became crystal clear that my burning desire to understand my existence was not mine alone, and millions have the... more

Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba is an amazing African Avatar who lived in the late 1800s into the early 1900s. He was known to have been bullet proof, performing countless miracles, and wrote 7 tons of prayers known to be so powerful some... more

Tonight we are honored to have an extraordinary guest to share his wisdom and knowledge. Master Kilindi Iyi is a world famous martial arts expert and entheogen advocate of heroic doses to "crack your ego head." Kilindi gives world wide... more

FATIMA SÉBA Fatima Séba Friday is a holistic practitioner who facilitates healing via the Ancient System of Rhythm Alchemy...a Science that uses rhythm formulas as medicine that energetically empowers the rewiring... more