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Experimental Magic

Magical Experiments and Eccentric Entrepreneurs


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Welcome to the Magical Experiments/Eccentric Entrepreneurs channel, where we feature discussions on magic and spirituality an also business and eccentricity. Current shows are Magical Experiments and Eccentric Entrepreneurs, but we're open to hosting others as well.

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Join Taylor Ellwood, business wizard for eccentric entrepreneurs, and Felix Warren discuss crowdfunding, Patreon, and how the act of asking and patronage can become another source of income for your business as well as why creative types are using crowdfunding to support their work. Like the Imagine Your Reality facebook page Join the Eccentric Entrepreneurs Facebook group to network with fellow eccentric entrepreneurs: Get the dangerous secret to marketing your weirdness that gets you raving fans and grows your business Subscribe to the Eccentric Entrepreneurs Youtube channel. Become my Patron
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On-Demand Episodes

Join Taylor Ellwood, mad scientist and magical experimenter, as he, Annwyn Avalon, Gigi, and Chach M. Heart discuss mental illness and magic. We'll discuss the stereotype that you can't practice magic if you have mental illness, why... more

Join Taylor Ellwood, Mad Scientist and Magical Experimenter, as he and Terra Akhert discuss pop culture magic systems. We'll discuss how to create a pop culture system, how to share it with other people, as well as how to make it... more

Join Taylor Ellwood, mad scientist and magical experimenter, as he and LaSara Firefox Allen discuss her new book Jailbreaking the Goddess. LaSara will share her revolutionary approach to working with the goddess, outside of... more

Join Taylor Ellwood, Business Wizard for Eccentric Entrepreneurs, and Cate Anevski as they discuss the business of art. We'll explore what it takes to become a successful artist and why artists need to have business skills in order... more

Join Taylor Ellwood of Magical Experiments and Tallah Hovisdottir as they discuss what darks art and how you defend against them. We'll also talk about how you can bring pop culture magic into your defence against dark arts and why... more

Join Taylor Ellwood, Business Wizard for Eccentric Entrepreneurs, and Kevin Minkoff, Not Your Ordinary Bean Counter as they discuss the relationship between business and money. We'll learn what business owners need to have... more

Join Taylor Ellwood of Magical Experiments as he, Leni Hester, and Felix Warren discuss the magic of writing. We'll share how writing can be magical as well as share our techniques for working with writing in a magical context. We'll also... more

Join Taylor Ellwood, of Magical Experiments, as he, Robert Scott and S. Rune Emerson discuss the magic of holidays and how holidays can be worked with. We'll discuss the do's and don'ts of working with holiday energy and... more

Join Taylor Ellwood, the Business Wizard for Eccentric Entrepreneurs as he and Catharine Clarenbach the spirituality of business, and what the ups and downs, challenges and triumphs of running a spiritual business is like. We'll also hear... more