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Love Your Addiction

Love Your Addiction


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What if addiction is not about what you do but rather about what you are refusing to be? Through dialogues & questions, you will learn the truth about you

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How Do You Deny Who and What You Are? You are never judged by God or made right or wrong. Yet… don't you wonder why you continually judge yourself and make yourself wrong? What if when you judge yourself, you are... more

How does a good question help you find answers to your problems? Learn how to ask yourself and others questions that help you solve important issues occurring in your lives. When we ask a good question, answers come to us in a... more

Whatever you are experiencing in your life today is the effect of your emotions and beliefs. You can't blame anyone else for your predicaments. Everything you will experience in your future is also the result of your feelings and beliefs. If... more

What if pain and suffering is our most common addiction? Just how often do we allow pain and suffering to influence our lives? For many of us, it is extremely often. See how to let go of life's pains and sufferings and embrace joy, love, and... more

As a society, we tend to focus more on what's wrong rather than what's right with addictions. With what's wrong, we place our attention on shame, guilt and blame. With what's right, we put our attention on what we learned about ourselves from... more

Today we will be looking at what to do when life seems to be crashing down on us. Most of us have gone through periods when life just sucks. Maybe there is not enough money to pay our bills, a hurricane destroys our house, a friend or loved... more

How do your experiences allow revelations and discovery? Are you aware that every experience reveals something about you and your belief system? Those experiences offer a discovery to you. We will be looking at possible experiences... more

How do we take responsiibility for our behaviors? That's a question that many in recovery are searching for answers. In addictions, we tend to blame others for our problems - we refuse to say that we are the ones responsible for our own... more

Here in the US, this week we celebrate our independence - July 4th. On this program, we will be looking at independence and freedom and what they mean in terms of addictions and codependency. What if addictions are a learning tool... more

How does one know if he or she is doing a complete, powerful recovery (CPR)? 1. Accept that addiction is a choice not a curse or punishment. 2. Understand that addiction is a form of running - running from one's true self. It is an attempt at... more