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Dave Fennoy - The HULU Guy, Walking Dead & More! Part 1

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In part 1 with Dave Fennoy, we jump right into the impromptu 'LoveThatVoiceover" questionairre and go for a ride with Dave discovering some of his favorite things, a guilty pleasure, guilt for his feelings about his hometown of Cleveland and lesser known but provocative interests.  You will love that Dave like I do, on Love That Voiceover!

Dave Fennoy is a preeminent VO actor in Los Angeles providing voices for commercials, narrations, promos, award shows, animation and games.  Lately he is know by over 30 million Hulu viewers as "The Hulu Guy" but he has many other credits as a spokes-voice for many but including Lexus and McDonalds, as narrator for programs on National Geographic and Discovery channels as well as film and TV including Ghost Rider, Happy Feet, Kim Possible, Ben 10 and many many more.  Learn more at www.DaveFennoy.com

"Love That Voiceover" brings you in-depth interviews unveiling the personalities and projects behind the mic, with your chic geek, unique host - Love that Rebecca!

Every week it's a new interview with a fresh perspective on the art and artistry behind the microphone....


0:05 Introduction

Thank you for joining us for Love That Voice Over. In depth interviews unveiling the personality and projects behind the mic with none other than your chic geek perfectly different host, LoveThatRebecca.

0:22 LoveThatRebecca

Hello, my darling chic geeks. In today's episode, I am so proud to announce the sexy dreadman, the-who-guy himself, Dave Fennoy, is our guest. Welcome to Love That Voice Over.

0:36 Dave Fennoy

Well, I am happy to be here and honored that you reached out to give me to talk to you.

0:41 LoveThatRebecca

Oh, I'm so thrilled. Everybody is thrilled and you know, I'm gonna give a little bit of a bio on you just to bring everyone up to speed with some of the important facts because there's no way that I can cover everything that you've done. You have some really wonderful résumé work. But some facts about your successful careers so far in entertainment, may I do that?

1:00 Dave Fennoy

Oh! Oh please, that remind me what I've done.

1:02 LoveThatRebecca

(Laughs) Well, you have acted in over 70 titles. In TV, you voiced at least 29 shows with recurring characters on at least five. That means they brought you back season after season on at least five of these shows. There had been at least 31 video games of which titles we will be getting into a little bit later. You have been the voice of Time Life R and B and Gospel collection. You are the voice of The Hulu Guy and you have an extensive list of commercial credits. There is a list as long as my arm. We're gonna talk about that a little later too. You even have several credits as an on-camera actor, yes?

1:43 Dave Fennoy

I said?

1:44 LoveThatRebecca

Aha! And you have also -- to my thrills to find these, you've been interviewed on Entertainment Tonight and highlighted on Americans in Focus. So there are some wonderful clips that people can find on YouTube if they have decided to search.

2:01 Dave Fennoy

You have done your homework.

2:03 LoveThatRebecca

I have Mr. Fennoy, I have. I am so excited to have The Dreadman with me. Can I call you that? I just love that.

2:09 Dave Fennoy

You know, it's my nickname with all people. What's up?

2:14 LoveThatRebecca

(Laughs) And you know, your career is still going so strong that, you know, can really have over 70 titles in such a depth of a different shows and not just a series, that's wonderful work and we're gonna get into all of these. We're also gonna talk about the latest and greatest, the zombies. You have a new phrase we've been talking about on Twitter. Zombies are the new...

2:38 Dave Fennoy

Oh yeah. The zombies are the new compliers.

2:41 LoveThatRebecca

Exactly and that's because you're in the new show, the new game, a video game called...

2:48 Dave Fennoy

The Walking Dead.

2:49 LoveThatRebecca

That's right.

2:50 Dave Fennoy

And it's just really, really excellent reviews and my favorite part of all the reviews is I really like the voiceover work, although I like all the credit for that. __3:01__ there are some other very, very fine actors involved on this project...

3:08 LoveThatRebecca

Mr. Fennoy, we are back from technical difficulties. (Laughs)

3:15 Dave Fennoy

Ah, technology, you love it and you hate it.

3:17 LoveThatRebecca

Exactly. Now, I want to play a little game with you.

3:22 Dave Fennoy


3:23 LoveThatRebecca

It's called questions or the proof to questionnaire or now I'm calling it the LoveThatRebecca questionnaire.

3:29 Dave Fennoy


3:30 LoveThatRebecca

What we're gonna do is we're just gonna do some quick easy questions and it's like, you know, a roar shock image. You just give the first thing that comes to your mind. It's not relevant to anything more than that and we don't -- this is all just about how Dave feels today.

3:43 Dave Fennoy


3:44 LoveThatRebecca

Are you ready?

3:45 Dave Fennoy

I'm ready, I think.

3:46 LoveThatRebecca

Alright. You are. What's your current favorite color?

3:52 Dave Fennoy

Well, I would have to say like an earthy gold.

3:56 LoveThatRebecca

Oh, nice. What is your favorite American city?

4:00 Dave Fennoy

Well, I grew up in Cleveland but unfortunately, I think my favorite American city is L.A.

4:05 LoveThatRebecca

Yeah, you don't have to say where you grew up. I mean, it doesn't have to be there. You know, the loyalty.

4:09 Dave Fennoy

Well, you know...

4:10 LoveThatRebecca

Loyalty to Cleveland is short.

4:11 Dave Fennoy

Because the first thing that comes to my mind I was feeling a little guilty about it actually because one of my earliest childhood memories was wondering why my parent settled in Cleveland, but that was... (Laughs)

4:21 LoveThatRebecca

What's the answer to that question? Why did your parents settled in Cleveland?

4:24 Dave Fennoy

Now, my Cleveland fans are gonna hate me. But, at the time...

4:29 LoveThatRebecca

And Drew Carey.

4:32 Dave Fennoy

And Drew Carey. Well, you know, there used to be a joke amongst us ex-patriots of Cleveland. There's a lot of great talent from Cleveland. (Laughs)

4:45 LoveThatRebecca

That's awesome, that's awesome. Well, you know, __04:47__ to Cleveland for creating the creative talent that they've had, ex-patriot...

4:52 Dave Fennoy

There you go. But, you know, it's been sometime now and it used to be called The Mistake on the Lake, but not anymore.

5:00 LoveThatRebecca

I did not know that.

5:02 Dave Fennoy

Oh yeah. The arm to the nation are we used to have. It was terrible. The Cuyahoga River, when I was a little kid, there was a fire hazard. They have polluted it so badly.

5:14 LoveThatRebecca

Lake Erie too. Lake Erie too.

5:16 Dave Fennoy

Lake Erie died, but it came back...

5:18 LoveThatRebecca

That's the amazing thing. All of these can come back.

5:20 Dave Fennoy

And frankly, Cleveland has come back and it is a great city now. I haven't been there in a long time. My parents moved away when I go to high school so...

5:31 LoveThatRebecca

That wasn't so long ago.

5:33 Dave Fennoy

Yeah, yeah, just a couple of years.

5:36 LoveThatRebecca

(Laughs) Moving back to questions quickly for both of us, what is your favorite cocktail?

5:42 Dave Fennoy

Well, rum and coke.

5:45 LoveThatRebecca

Nice. Do have a favorite wine?

5:49 Dave Fennoy

I prefer the red wines or white wines, anything but a Shardene. I don't know why I don't like Shardenes but I don't -- partial to a pinot grigios and Marlowes and -- yeah.

6:05 LoveThatRebecca

Very nice, very nice. Okay here's a funny one. What is your favorite verbal expression?

6:12 Dave Fennoy


6:13 LoveThatRebecca


6:14 Dave Fennoy

The zombies are the new vampires.

6:15 LoveThatRebecca

Excellent! Excellent! We're gonna get into that later. What is your favorite farm animal?

6:21 Dave Fennoy

Well, I'd have to say a cow because when my dad retired, he started a little cattle ranch.

6:27 LoveThatRebecca

Oh really.

6:28 Dave Fennoy

Yeah. Either that or chicken because they so good, fried.

6:31 LoveThatRebecca

(Laughs) Yeah, that's different than cow. I don't know about cow being fried. Let me ask you a question, since you have been able to be closer to the cows. I have always wondered, are they able to be friendly or are they really vacant in the brain as much as they look like in the eyes?

6:48 Dave Fennoy

Well, they are not that smartest creatures on the planet, but they can kinda be sort of friendly. They are curious and shy at the same time fear, at the cattle ranch when you goes stand by the gate, they will come over to check you out, but if you make a sudden move or move towards them chances are they gonna run away.

7:08 LoveThatRebecca

Oh...that's why I like the -- I think I like their shyness. Okay, were gonna move on to growing out at when you were a child, what was the name of your best friend?

7:23 Dave Fennoy

Wow! Milton

7:26 LoveThatRebecca

What do you remember about Milton right now?

7:31 Dave Fennoy

Milton lived down the street, with his brother Butch and I wasn't really fond of Butch, but -- and I don't think I ever met Milton's dad. He lived with his grandmother.

7:47 LoveThatRebecca

Oh, that's cool. I like his name too. But why was Butch not your friend, was he big minnie?

7:54 Dave Fennoy

Butch was a bully.

7:56 LoveThatRebecca

Bully...bully Butch, does it make sense? It's just make sense of the name.

7:59 Dave Fennoy

He never bulled me, but I saw him bully other people and I just didn't like it.

8:05 LoveThatRebecca

Well can you imagine, I'm sure he had bullied Milton, for Milton with that name, you know. I mean the kids named Butch is gonna pick on the kid name Milton, I think it's...

8:13 Dave Fennoy

Yeah, there you go. There you go.

8:17 LoveThatRebecca

What one thing can bring you pure joy?

8:23 Dave Fennoy

Wow. My agent calling with a booking

8:27 LoveThatRebecca

(Laughs) Still! After all these episodes and TV commercial...

8:31 Dave Fennoy

You know what, I am just as excited today to get a booking for __08:36__ or anything as my first booking.

8:40 LoveThatRebecca

That's sweet.

8:41 Dave Fennoy

Outside of the work world, hitting a forehand winner when I'm on the tennis court.

8:47 LoveThatRebecca

Wow! What the heck is a forehand winner?

8:50 Dave Fennoy

We'll you know just all comes to you forehand and you smack the heck at with that ball and it lands just inside the line and your opponent can't get even get to it.

9:00 LoveThatRebecca

It's a zinger. It's like a meteor.

9:03 Dave Fennoy

That's right. Yeah.

9:05 LoveThatRebecca

Now, what guilty pleasure do you let yourself indulging and you will confess to now.

9:11 Dave Fennoy

Oh boy. Trader Joe's Ginger-O's with their ice cream, they've got a cookies and cream ice cream and I just make little Ginger-O's cookies and cream sandwiches.

9:24 LoveThatRebecca

Oh my god! That's something fabulous.

9:25 Dave Fennoy

And I should be...but I love them.

9:28 LoveThatRebecca

Oh that's sound so...

9:30 Dave Fennoy

It's like crack.

9:31 LoveThatRebecca

Oh yeah, I can imagine your hair with any good drug.

9:35 Dave Fennoy

There you go.

9:36 LoveThatRebecca

Oh, you make me hungry now, I want ice cream earlier and I really want it bad.

9:40 Dave Fennoy

There you go, see.

9:42 LoveThatRebecca

Okay now, two kind of thinking questions, you are actually a very gifted man but what natural gift that you do not have would you like most to possess?

9:54 Dave Fennoy

Oh wow. That is a good question. Perhaps the gift of accounting (laughs).

10:07 LoveThatRebecca

Really? Ew, that's all I can say to that. Tell me more, what do you mean?

10:11 Dave Fennoy

Well you know, there are left-brain people, right-brain people and I'm very artistic. When I was in school, the subject I did very, very well with were artistic, history, sociality, abstract thought, philosophy, those kinds of things, but math, I slept at it.

10:33 LoveThatRebecca

Wow. So you would like to have a mathematical mind?

10:37 Dave Fennoy

Just a little bit more.

10:38 LoveThatRebecca

A little bit more.

10:39 Dave Fennoy

Just a little bit more. I like myself but I could stand have a little more talent in that area.

10:47 LoveThatRebecca

Well, we love you too, but if you would like to have that, and we hope that you get it.

10:53 Dave Fennoy

I think it's so late now. I'll just keep a couch...

10:57 LoveThatRebecca

No, there are kinds of exercises that can be expanding the brain. Don't give up. Tell your DNA it's possible and it will possibly happen.

11:07 Dave Fennoy

Hey DNA, it's possible.

11:09 LoveThatRebecca

Now tell them, DNA do it.

11:11 Dave Fennoy

Do it DNA. Do it.

11:12 LoveThatRebecca

Do it! Do it! Now last question of our love that voice over questionnaire. What profession other than your -- would you like to attend if you could. No holds barred.

11:24 Dave Fennoy

You know if I didn't do what I'm doing now, I probably be a teacher, probably a history professor.

11:28 LoveThatRebecca

Wow, cool. What area of history would you be most interested in?

11:35 Dave Fennoy

Oh no, that's very good. I like world history, I like ancient history, I like American history, I like African history. I'm actually interested in the evolution both physically and historically of human beings, you know who are we? Where we came from? And how people had live their lives, what their lives or like -- not the names and dates. Oh, on 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean later for that, but how did these people live, what were they thinking, what was -- they thought that drove them, what were their belief systems that cause them to be the people that they were? And what parallels from then can we look at now because you know, we do continue to do the same things over and over and over. We've grown so technologically, but maybe not mentally as creatures...

12:32 LoveThatRebecca


12:33 Dave Fennoy

And that's we more than you wanted (laughs).

12:36 LoveThatRebecca

No, that's exactly what I wanted. In fact, I was gonna say as a historian teacher and as a person who obviously had this in his background based on what you told us that you liked. What books have you found that illustrate these perspectives or are there any that come in your mind?

12:56 Dave Fennoy

Daniel Quinn, Ishmael and The Story of B.

13:00 LoveThatRebecca

Interesting. Excellent. I have not had the opportunity to read that. Can you give us the 'why' that you chose that book just now?

13:10 Dave Fennoy

Well, I like the philosophy of Daniel Quinn. His books are fiction, but it really is philosophy and history disguised as fiction. The story of Ishmael is -- Ishmael is a gorilla who is very, very intelligent and speaks to human beings telepathically and his job on the earth is to teach us where we went wrong as human beings? Why is it that we're the only creature on the planet that wants more than he need the particular time? Why is it that we are the only creature on the planet that lives outside the rules of nature? They kinda thought that why is it we want to be God, instead of living the hind of God? But oh, this could get very, very deep.

14:05 LoveThatRebecca

Very thought-provoking for sure.

14:07 Dave Fennoy

A very thought-provoking.

14:08 LoveThatRebecca

I love it.

14:09 Dave Fennoy

He ask the question, like I say, where did we go wrong as human beings and now we're getting really, really deep.

14:16 LoveThatRebecca

Or is it on our nature, or is it on the outside question, or does he say -- does he assumed that we have gone wrong?

14:21 Dave Fennoy

Not so much in our nature, but at some point we made a postulate as human beings and he thinks it's the postulate of the major religions of the world, people gonna hate me for this, that...

14:35 LoveThatRebecca

Well, you're talking about what you read. You're talking about a book.

14:37 Dave Fennoy

Oh yeah, I'm talking about what we read. But I think it's great food for thought.

14:40 LoveThatRebecca


14:41 Dave Fennoy

The postulate that when a man says to himself, 'I am the chosen of God and the stewards of the earth and God has given me dominion over the earth.' It allows you to believe that, 'Well, what I believe is correct and what other people believe is not correct and if I'm correct, and they are not correct then, I'm better than they are and I can do to them whatever it is I wanna do,' which we have seen much of the history of the world, one group deciding, 'Hey those guys, one of them they suck. We're the good guys, we're just gonna go and take them over.'

15:15 LoveThatRebecca


15:16 Dave Fennoy

But once again, probably way deeper in us, in left field, then nowhere to go.

15:22 LoveThatRebecca

Well, as I did mention to everybody, Dave I had said that we would go in-depth interview. It's about the people behind the mic and we love to know this about you. We are going to jump in this perhaps from other angles because were gonna take a break here, hang on Dave with me.

15:39 Dave Fennoy

You got it.

15:40 LoveThatRebecca

Okay. Thanks for joining us. You've been listening to Love That Voice Over brought to you by your host, LoveThatRebecca.com. Thanks for listening.