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Living Water Drinking Deeply



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Our times are characterized by stressful nonstop living. How many times have you heard yourself or other people say, "I'm just so busy." No one wants more stress. Most want less stress. Are you ready to declare war on the stress in your life? Do you want to understand how awesome you really are? Are you eager to engage life on a deeper level with more energy? Are you determined to move forward NO matter what has happened in your life? If so, join Dr. Alfie Wines for honest discussion and insights that will energize, inspire, and transform you so that you can exemplify excellence in every area of your life. A Word About the Host - Alphonetta Beth (Alfie) Terry Wines, M.Div., Ph.D., is a Pastor, Biblical Scholar, and Theologian. She is Founder, President, and CEO of Living Water Drinking Deeply Ministries. Known by many as "Dr. Alfie," she draws upon her unquenchable passions for biblical interpretation, biblical and religious literacy, worship, music, prayer, and leadership to enlighten, edify, and empower others. Utilizing her gifts as a teacher, preacher, spiritual life coach, writer, and musician she is committed to encouraging compassionate living through a deeper understanding of the biblical text. Dr. Alfie shares her knowledge of motivation, time management, and conflict management to elevate one's quality of life. Dr. Alfie brings a lifetime of insights and wisdom with incomparable joy and humor. Her career in business and in ministry is motivated by a desire to empower others to live in the abundance and rest of God. dralfie-livingwaterdrinkingdeeplyministries-dallas.com alphonetta_wines@yahoo.com 817-343-0844

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The blessings of God are immeasurable. Yet, We often lose sight of just how blessed we are. Sometimes we need a reminder of just how blessed we are. Join Dr. Alfie for today's topic: Blessings Beyond Measure.

Prayer calms our minds, settles our hearts, soothes our spirits like nothing else can. Join Dr. Alfie for today's topic -- The Blessing of Prayer - Part 2.

Life in the 21st century is a busy life. Responsibilities, it seems, never end. Our busy lives sometimes crowd out time for prayer. Yet, prayer is essential in our relationship with God. Join Dr. Alfie for today's topic: The Blessing of Prayer.

Whether we realize it or not, we have a part in our own blessing. It seems we just want things to line up and fall into place with no effort on our part. Sometimes things do happen that way. Yet, most of the time, we have a role in our own... more

One of life's priceless blessings is knowing that healing and wholeness is always a possibility. Herein lies the hope that we need in times such as these. Join Dr. Alfie for today's topic: Hope in the Midst od It All.

Sometimes life's blessings come in ways we don't expect. When that happens, we fail to recognize the blessing that is at hand. Join Dr. Alfie for today's insight from The King Who Missed His Blessing.

Love, the best thing, is sometimes the hardest thing in the world. It requires an openness of heart, mind, and spirit to connect with another person, their needs and interests. It requires thinking out of the box. Jesus and the Woman with... more

Blessings are indeed wonderful. Yet, blessings are a complicated thing . . . for often, our blessings come at great cost to someonse else. Memorial Weekend is a good time to remember that blessings often come with a cost. Join Dr. Alfie for... more

Life is such that we are always, yes always, in need of guidance along the way, Yet, it is easy to overlook the spiritual guide that is close at hand. The Holy Spirit, our own personal GPS, is ever present, ever ready to help us not only to make... more

Ever feel drained, depleted, weary? Do you know what to do when it seems you just can't as they say, "Go another further"? Join Dr. Alfie for today's topic: Jesus, The Woman, and the Water.