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Real Investigators. Real Stories. No Scripts. Covering topics from legends to hauntings. A real life take on the lives of real investigators.

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It IS normal for an old house to make noises... isn't it? Join Living Paranormal as they speak with Author Rebecca Patrick-Howard and hear about her personal experiences in her haunted home and how it affected her writing!

More than an evidence reveal and review, we speak with Michael Esposito and hear his unique take on Electronic Voice Phenomena. We will play and review examples from Mr. Esposito who has conducted extensive research at many... more

This week our originally scheduled Guest Robert Murch was not able to make the show due to circumstances beyond his control. As a result Rob and Jason start with the given topic of Ouija Baords, and go from there talking about... more

This week we get to talk to Shannon Marie Ray, Host of Paranormal Minds Radio and founder of Middle Georgia Paranormal Investigations. We'll cover safeguards you can take when you find that you have bought equipment on the market... more

What happens when your partner is neither man nor woman? When at the moment you feel comfortable or about to drift to sleep, an unseen hand runs up your leg and arm and across your mouth. Are we all repulsed, or are some of... more

Come and listen as we speak with Mark Johnson Author of ?Demons Dwell—The Tower"! He is a man of many hats and we are thrilled to speak with this rennaisance man of the paranormal! He is the Host of... more

Over the last twenty years June has been keeping notes of the converstaions she has has with the other side. These writigns have been kept within her own mind and heart, on pen and paper until after much urging from the otherside she... more

On this episode of Living Paranormal we speak with Mark Allen Keyes, the Author of ?Chasing Shadows? – Who has taken his profession as a Criminal Investigator and turned it towards the Paranormal. He is a team... more

Jeff Sullivan is an investigator from San Antonio TX who heads up a group called Sixth Sense Paranormal. Reaching out into the community his group fosters an excellent relationship with the Library System where they hold presentations and... more

Annual Predictions thru precognitive dreams and channeling sessions with Spirits. Join Rev. Robyne Marie and Cohost Jason Olivo as Robyne sets forth her Predictions for 2015. She will state for the record what is to come. We will revist... more