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Living Paranormal


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Real Investigators. Real Stories. No Scripts. Covering topics from legends to hauntings. A real life take on the lives of real investigators.

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Please note: This episode contains potentially foul language. How do you define "Paranormal to a skeptic? When is too much too much? Why study the paranormal? And why am I asking soo d$@n many questions?! Matthew J... more

Where in the HE#$ have we been?! In our fateful return to your ear holes we break the ice and talk about the future of the show. We would also like to thank our fans who have given us their love and support while off the air.... more

Recorded live during an investigation at the historic Ramsdell house on Sunday, October 30th with Co-host Rob Henry and his Original West Virginia Paranormal team. Join in as you get to view an investigation from the inside. Ok, a bit more... more

As the cold air begins to drape across the landscape, we hold onto the memories of jasmine scented breezes. Hot and humid magnolia summers, give way to cool crisp nights echoing the footsteps of our guest tonight. Nikki Bartlett, the... more

The beginning of the holiday season for many, Halloween has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry. From horror movies to ?haunted? attractions, Rev Robyne Marie returns to discuss the humble origins behind the holiday many of... more

In the paranormal community, there are whispers of a connection between ghosts and alien sightings. What do the unknown here on earth, and the unknown above have in common? On Living Paranormal we will explore these ideas... more

When we think of the origins of Wicca and witchcraft, we often think of the shores of the British Aisles. However, magic comes in many forms. With a cultural heritage heralding from North Italy to Sicily, Stregone Rev Vincent Russo comes... more

In 2013, The Conjuring hit the dark corners of theatres world-wide. It followed the story of a growing family moving into a picturesque farm house atop 200 sprawling acres. As the former owner handed the keys of the estate over to Mr.... more

Are orbs spirits? Do most teams charge? Does an EMF reading automatically mean a spirit is nearby? On tonight's Living Paranormal, Rob, Jason and George Aguilar discuss some of the misconceptions about, and even from the field. Want... more

Hear tales from the always entertaining Kendra Belgrad, an intuitive tour guide who has learned her way through the dark. As an investigator able to peruse the halls of haunted locations, she has collected and experienced a great many... more