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Greg Halvorson

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Greg Halvorson, a dedicated Patriot in the battle for Freedom, is the creator and founder of The Conservative Hammer, where new media Patriots learn to Fight Back.

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Well, Boehner and the Boys are out with their legalization-before-border enforcement GIFT to Barack Obama, and we are about to engage in a literal battle to STOP members of our own party ... *cough* ... from driving the final nail... more

From federal judges denying the will of voters on marriage, to pro-life Christians being forced to pay for abortions, to members of the U.S. Senate openly calling for the I.R.S. to ignore campaign finance laws and SILENCE the Tea Party,... more

NOT ALL AMERICANS ARE AFRAID TO SPEAK THE TRUTH: "What's truly terrifying - and disturbing - is the blind allegiance displayed by liberals who refuse to even question the reality of ObamaCare and the man behind it... To... more

THE CRIMINAL-IN-CHIEF: Barack Obama, in his reelection campaign, used the I.R.S. to suppress and intimidate over 500 conservative Tea Party groups and Christian organizations... Barack Obama used the U.S. Census Bureau to... more

Redefining fecklessness, Barack Obama gave a press conference today.... Subject: no one knows.... Message: no one's sure.... Effect: more confusion.... Uh -- maybe that's his aim.

From the Conservative Hammer FB page: LIES.... LIES.... LIES!!!Friends, I simply cannot BELIEVE the cajones of this absolutely DISGUSTING PRESIDENT.... Now he's out there claiming that in selling DeathCare, he said, "If you like your... more

A dismal job's report showing a 35 year-low in workforce participation, DOWN 10 million since Obama took office.... Hundreds of THOUSANDS receiving insurace cancellation notices due to ObamaCare.... $17 TRILLION in debt.....And where... more

The gutless cowards of the GOP establishment once again have proved that thier real enemies are conservative Americans who support and rever the Constitution.

We're winning the message war -- you see, the Left has nothing, nothing but lies, fear-mongering, deceit and more lies... And now that House leadership (thank you, TED CRUZ!!) has called their bluff, what they fear is that the Sky Won't... more
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