Liberty through knowledge

Do you know how to be truly free?


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We have all been enslaved. We have been, and are being, deceived by governments across America, and the world, and have forgotten who we are and the laws we have as our foundation for truth and liberty. Do you want to begin taking back your rights, and freeing yourself from the beast system we all face? Be ready to be pulled out of your Matrix, and brought out into the reality being hid from us.

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The Church Jesus Christ is building consists of flawed humans who are being refined... changed from their carnal natures into the image and likeness of God and Christ. Of course, this is over our lifetime. The Bible is FULL... more

Health is in major decline across our Republic. Cancer, heart disease, and a dozen other threats grow and consume people's lives and yet so many are completely unaware of the causes for this. There are essential laws at work in... more

Is the Rapture a real event before the tribulation, or a deceit meant to mislead people, and give a false sense of hope and protection? Imagine if you believed you would be protected from any tribulation time... would you let down... stop... more

The IRS routinely places Liens and levies against Americans across this republic, but are they valid? In most, if not ALL cases, NO! The IRS does many of its attacks under the color of law, using administrative actions which are outside... more

What depth these guys will go to stop this information from going out... You NEED to pass this on. I hope to get this out on audio, but it could be stopped like the show last time as cut off. Do you presume to make income? Your wages are... more

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is likely the most hated, despised and corrupt government agency that exists. For 100 years, it has been deceiving, lying to, defrauding and oppressing Americans, all under the color of law, and all... more

The concept of "the" antichrist has been the subject of much debate and speculation. Is it correct to say "the" antichrist, or is there much more to it. Is it an obvious anti-christian thing, or does it have roots deeply embeded in traditional... more

Why is the 7th day made holy by God, and yet, Sunday is the day most Christians observe? Why is Saturday the 7th day on most calendars, yet the first day of the week is the day Christianity recognizes? You may be shocked at who changed... more

What is false Christianity? How would you know whether you are involved with it, or not? What criteria do you use to be sure you are involved with true Christianity? Christ warned about false Christianity in many places.

Are people "born again" as flesh and blood humans, or is this misunderstood? There is only one person who has ever been "born again," and that is Jesus Christ, our Messiah, who is the "FIRSTBORN" from the dead!