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Elitist and government conspiracy, the political constructs behind it and what we can do to protect and preserve our freedoms as outlined in the U.S. Constitution and the Bill Of Rights.

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We have never lost our dignity and power, we have simply stopped asserting them. The time to change that is NOW! Join us right here on Liberty Live for yet another chapter in the ongoing mythology, as we strive toward the reclaiming... more

This is no longer nor has it ever been their fight, the U.S. government leadership levels in all three branches, that is. Oh, they love to peacock around like it is, with their pompous oratory theater, their playing of the hero at the podium, and their... more

Ladies and Gentlemen, THE TRUTH SAVES LIVES! And lies murder, continuing to murder until they are exposed for the lies that they truly are. Let's get together right here on the Liberty Live Network to expose those very lies and get down to... more

Orthodoxy is the religion of the slave, the faith of the servile. In order to break free from our chains, to break the chains of our masters, the chains of the status-quo, we must break orthodoxy, we must be defiant, we must be disobedient, we... more

Ladies and Gentlemen, THE TIME IS NOW to stand up, speak out, and stay free! Far too long have we all mired away in apathy, complacency, and the frivolous bread and circuses of the day. Each and every last one of our eleventh-hour... more

Unlock your mind from the control system, take back your life from the soul-murdering status-quo prison, and move away from people who don’t care, for they have chosen bondage in the name of falsely-perceived comfort and safety.... more

If it comes from the establishment, it is not to be trusted. If it is a part of the establishment, it is not to be trusted. If it is supported by the establishment, then it stands against us! Mainstream science, mainstream academia, mainstream... more

Do you want to live in a free society, or do you want to live in a tyranny? There is no left or right, there is just us. There is no Democrat or Republican, there is just us. There is no justice, there is “just... us...”. We are not in the club. We are... more

Beware the surveillance grid, treasonous Homeland Security model, and citizen snitch brigades. DONT BE A GOVERNMENT TATTLETALE SNITCH! One of the lowest forms of life... "If you see something," don't tell the Gestapo. They don't... more
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