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Carolyn R. Owens and her guests, bring a wealth of experience, offering, strategies, tips, and techniques from the coaching world. An uplifting, motivating hour that offers a unique perspective on life, takes the best from the professional and sports coaching worlds and applies it to daily life. Let Carolyn help you transform and enhance your life and raise your game to the next level. If it ain’t broke…make it better!

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Are you an exhausted parent tired of trying to get your teen to listen to you? Are you wondering how you are going to BOTH raise a teenager and keep your sanity? As parents we want our children to grow up to be successful adults navigating the world with confidence. Even the best parents know raising a teenager is NOT easy. Our guest this week, Christine Alisa, M.S., will share with us ways you can create a better relationship with your teenager. She will also share some of the key mistakes parents make that keep them frustrated, worried and confused. As a family therapist with over 25 years of experience and number one Amazon Best Selling Author, Christine has positively impacted the lives of many, many families. She has transformed how they communicate with one another changing how they interact with each other. She is truly dedicated to bringing familes together. If you are ready to put an end to the screaming matches and create peace in your home, you won't want to miss this episode!
  • by Carolyn R Owens
  • in Motivation
  • 01:30
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