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Case for Commercialization/Industrialization of Cannabis

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Did you know?  Cannabis (Hemp) plants produce some of the finest, cleanest paper, some of the finest machine oils and natural oil-based paints, and high quality food grade oils which are high in some essential amino acids, including the rare gamma linoleic acid (GLA) found almost exclusively in mother's milk. Hemp produces textile materials for clothing of such quality as fine linen.

Hemp plants are essentially pest resistant, negating the need for pesticides. The plants (unlike "Marijuana" plants) grow so tightly packed that they squeeze out weeds, negating the need for herbicides. Hemp plants per acre repair more ozone than the Amazon. They can be grown in heavy metal toxic soils, yet produce plants that are essentially free of these toxins. Industrial hemp was cultivated so that the TCH content was so low as to have very little psychoactive potential. At the same time, we know that high grade "medical marijuana" can have a host of documentable beneficial medicinal effects, including fighting the cachexia and pain of cancer.

Aside from fear and ignorance, can somebody please tell me why we are not pushing for the re-birth of the commercial hemp and flax industries? Don't we owe that to the promotion of environmental health if nothing else. 50% of the pesticides are used on cotton, which could easily be replaced again with Hemp. Wood pulp could be replaced with Hemp, preserving our forest. Clearing hemp fields leaves behind land that is ripe for the planting of other crops without the use of pesticides/herbicides to prepare the soil.

Should our fear that all of our kids are going to turn into worthless potheads keep us from exploring a natural resource that could provide us with a lot of environmental and health solutions? Weigh in and tell me what you think about it please!