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Reisha Baker interviews Cynthia Luce, author of Invisible Girl this week on PowerTalk. Cynthia is a mother, friend and compassionate woman dedicated to implementing change in this world by starting with our youth. In her book,... more

Today's show is all about the miracles of baking soda, PH water and decalifying your Pineal Gland. Why is this so important? The best of life is now coming and you will want to be able to exercise your intuition and be of good health. A... more

The Fifth Agreement, Be Skeptical. But Learn to Listen, don Jose Ruiz teaches us how to transform our lives into our personal heaven. This sequel to The Four Agreements by his father don Miguel Ruiz, takes us to a deeper level of... more

Join Constance and her guest Gina Rizzo, Author, Creating Amazing Abundance How Good Things Come to you. Gina will define the definition of abundance, what causes people to become stuck in the area of manifesting abundance, the role... more

Best Selling Author of "Why Quantum Physics" Book series, Greg Kuhn, aka The Law of Attraction Science Guy, is bringing some great insights about Quantum Physics and Life is an illusion. He is brilliant as we dive down to where no one... more

Join Constance as she interviews Dr. Michael Pearlman, MD as he shares about Law of Attraction Journaling, Your 4-Step Road Map to Create the Change you Want in Your Life. You will learn the spiritual components of the Law... more

Back by popular demand. In this intriguing and provocative interview with quantum activist Dr. Amit Goswami, one of the stars of What the Bleep Do We Know.... probes deeper into the dimension of quantum creativity and what it means for... more

Jewels brings back Todd Silva, the founder of Give Away A Dollar A Day program that gives you great insight into the joy of giving. You can find Todd Silva on Facebook.

Join Jewels with her Facebook's Commitment to Happiness for the next week and join her as she talks with Sanjay Nimar, who has developed new technology to release energy blockages.

Allison Phillips is an Author, Business Coach and Spiritual Entrepreneur. She has been featured on CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX and The Wall Street Journal. She will be sharing about awakened marketing, how to fling the gates of... more