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Authorized Version's Most Wanted

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I am ISRAEL, your God.There are things which the Authorized Version Bible (The AVB) desires , it calls for, it demands: I call those things the Bible's Most Wanted (the AVB'S Most Wanted). One of the AVB'S Most Wanted is wisdom, and to wisdom I add knowledge and understanding. The question (Job 28:12), which shall be answered in this episode, is asked, where shall wisdom be found? and where is the place of understanding? Another Most Wanted by the AVB is truth. The AVB (John 18:38) asks, what is truth? Scripture says in Zechariah 8:16, speak the truth, and execute the judgment of truth.  So we have a question and a commandment regarding truth, but is there more on the matter, we shall see. Thus far, we have these Most Wanted by the AVB: wisdon, knowledge, understanding, and truth, but is there more? Yes. Another Most Wanted by the AVB is one who seeks the truth, a truth seeker. Scripture (Jeremiah 5:1) says, see now if ye can find a man who seeks the truth. Another Most Wanted by the AVB is the knowledge of God. Scripture (Psalm 73:11) asks, is there any knowledge in the most High? Jeremiah 37:17 asks, Is there any word from the LORD? So, a word from the LORD is another Most Wanted by the AVB. Now these are Most Wanted of the AVB: wisdom, knowledge, understanding, truth, truth

seekers, the knowledge of God, and a word from the LORD. If you have seen, and/or have knowledge of, any of these Most Wanted, come forward. Call in during the program and let's talk. I have not named the TOP MOST WANTED by the AVB. For information on the AVB'S top Most Wanted, tune in to the program at the appointed time. I am the LORD God ISRAEL.