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Body and Heart of the Authorized Version

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We are on our way to the unveiling of "The Glorious Law of God." Points made previously: 1) the Authorized Version is a law-book, and not a religious book, 2) the Vatican is responsible for the content, or body, of the Authorized Version Bible. 3) Bible-law is a weighty matter in the Authorized Version, 4) the heart or crucial matter of the Authorized Version is invisible, 5) in the Authorized Version, the Vatican has sought to conceal information and destroy vital evidence, and 6) the Vatican drew up objectives which the Gentiles carried out against Africa and its inhabitants. This episode: Mr. Tommy Hart, expert on the heart of the Authorized Version, will present the solution to the Authorized Version's no man mystery. The Authorized Version Bible is a law-book. In my Strong's Concordance, there are 526 references to the word law in one form or another; but in the same concordance, there are only 7 references to the word religion. Do not miss the obvious - the Vatican, through the Authorized Version, aka King James version, wages war on religion: in this episode, Mr. Hart brings forth the evidence; do not miss the conclusion on this matter coming from the book of James. The Vatican has asked Mr. Hart two things: 1) what hast thou done (Genesis 4:10) and 2) what hast thou brought forth (Isaiah 45:10)? My answer to the Vatican is: I have codified scriptural texts. Some of the things I have codified and brought forth in my book - The Glorious Law of God: All things the Demonstrated Power of God - are: 1) The Papacy's Curse Against Africa and its Inhabitants, 2) The Perfect Law of Liberty, 3)The Expectations Concerning God, 4) The Promises Concerning God, 5) The Glorious Law of God Part 1, and 6) The Glorious Law of God Part 2. Mr. Hart is the first to codify Bible laws, expectations, promises, etc.. His aforementioned work is an historic production.