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Interviews with authors and conversations about books about spirituality and self-help topics published by Kora Press.

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Continuing the series "A Garden of Qualities," Joanna Infeld explores the quality of hope.

In the "A Garden of Qualities" series this broadcast deals with humility. It explores the two sides of humility: understanding that we might not be as great as we sometimes think we are but we also might not be as insignificant as we... more

We continue The Garden of Qualities series with a deeper look at respect.

With this broadcast Kora Press introduces a new series exploring human qualities. Joanna Infeld, author and soeaker, will be sharing some ideas about honesty: what is it and how can we become more honest to ourselves and others. Books... more

Kora Press Radio presents the series, A Garden of Qualities. Today we will focus on the quality of care. Your host is Joanna Infeld, author, speaker and workshop facilitator. Books by Joanna: 7 Ages of Woman God's Spies: Gratefully Aging... more

To lead a quality life is to have, radiate and connect to such qualities as love, compassion, humility, generosity and many more. These qualities are energies that exist and it is possible to cultivate a series of qualities through one's... more

Joanna talks about her book, Dear Gabriel; Letters From a Trainee Angel. The book was written as a series of letters from an angel who is sent to Earth to earn his wings and help the human race develop into its next evolutionary stage.... more

Joanna Infeld, author of the book "Unmasked; Spirit Flares" shares some of her stories, inspirations and short poems.

In-Tuition; Moments of Awakening is the story of a young woman on a spiritual journey. She finds her way into a land of enchantment where she encounters a teacher who challenges her and gives her lessons about life, attitude and shows... more

Interview with David Price Francis, author of "Partners in Passion." Everything you ever wanted to know about the energy of relationships but did not know how to ask. David gives practical examples of energies in all your relationships and... more