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No.," Were Kicking Your Azz". NOW !

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Homo heretics is alive and well in rehoboth beach, Delaware.  dam em, if they cant take a joke., my brother. we must discuss this issue of why we want to glorify adam and Steve instead of adam and eve. cause and effect., nobody and every body serves two masters., there home life and what they think to be there religious life. noboby gets it right all the way. but we the so called NORMAL People. i think., don't want to let our children see what blatantly going on our streets on vacation. "keep it in the closet ". never the less it is what it is. ive seen much of this in prison. during my tenure. this radio show is a great way for you whom want to join up. blog talk radio. "express your self" in such matters of all kinds. we will conclude and sum up with receiving calls about this subject or any other matter. we, the people., the NORMAL People. inquire for the next two hours online & Recorded. Photo not included. were are going to KickYourOwnDamAzz out of the ball park. and as politely as we can play a few notes for you until you reach a climax. lol jaja ja  mwah. kiss  kiss. show me the money. no check. cash or money orders send to post office box xxxx.  tea shirts are extra. we are not here to convince you to change or become religious. just keep that shit in the closet. QUEEN !!  :-)  stop juicing it up at the hot spots and sniffing crack. go home., kiss your mother and do a few things around the house. and well let you be who you really are. we wont blame you or pick on you. we just think we under stand you but maybe we really shouldn't want too. money talks bull shit walks., show me the money. theres no lottery waiting out there for us. we have to put things into action and work for it if we want it. hell, at this point., ill even take a volks wagon. relying on others all the time and health failing sucks. how about the girl i really want. " I DON'T TRUST AMERICAN WEMEN".