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Come Let Us Reason Together


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A half hour discussion of maintaining our sanity through calamitous headlines, religion, politics, and life in our changing world.

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Tonight we're going to talk mish mash. So many things get jumbled and mingled this time of year, so why not address that? We're going to talk everything from secular holidays to Newt Gingrich's fidelity. I truly do wish Rick Perry had been... more

Tonight is Thursday already! Can you believe the way this year has flown? I want to talk about time tonight. Do we value time, use time, take time, or waste time? I've really had time on my mind, especially since everyone complains about... more

I'm going to make this promo short. We have an opportunity that I believe is being overlooked. Entrepreneurialism is about like coincidence . . . it leaves G-d to be anonymous. I know there are very gifted people that have... more

I promised we'd finish the topic of the economy tonight. As we move on toward a future in America that has little to do with Scripture, where will we find ourselves? What will our children and grandchildren be left with? What are the soon coming... more

It's been awhile, but I'm back. I'm going to make this episode description short, because it's been wiped out four times so far. The show will be much more informative than this! We're going to talk about the economy and we're not doing... more

The show is going to be a bit different, tonight. It's been quite a day. I've gotten some interesting feedback on "the other 1%," and I'm introducing two new lines of products this week at the Land of Goshen, LLC, plus our seasonal special. At... more

I want to address the issue of the 1% and the 99%. I think we need to redo the math. I truly believe there is another group. I call them or us the "other 1%." Did you know that over 300 members of Congress are millionaires? That's 50%... more

Tonight is Thursday and although we are keeping the discussion open, I do want to continue to address prophecy onThursday. The first thing I want to mention is the passage in which Messiah said, there would be earthquakes in... more

Can you believe it's Wednesday, already? I've been to town today, so my perspective is a bit tainted. I cannot believe the prices of the "bargains!" I've also taken serious note of the "organic" veggies and the prices thereof. Let's talk for... more

Tonight we're going to talk about moving a direction toward G-d's purpose and plan for each of us. G-d has a plan for humanity that we continue to choose to overlook, then we are shocked and complain that life is overwhelming and not... more