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John Wallace

John Wallace


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With government corruption, incompetence and treasonous acts running rampant, particularly with regard to the actions of President Obama and his administration, liberty minded people are asking what ordinary American citizens can do to legally stop the unconstitutional and criminal acts of our elected and appointed so-called political leaders.  Short of a violent revolution, there appears to be only one strong legal mechanism that can be invoked.  It is called a "CITIZENS GRAND JURY"  and it is a historic and constitutional way that American citizens can enforce the law. In the 'United States vs Williams,' Supreme Court Justice Anthony Scalia said that although the Grand Jury is mentioned in the Bill of Rights, it is not mentioned in the body of the US Constitution and therefore it does not belong exclusively to any one of the three branches of our government, nor does government alone have the power to impanel grand juries. He added that the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure (FRCP) does not preclude citizens from exercising their own rights to impanel citizen grand juries under the Constitution and if a true bill of indictment results from a Citizen impaneled Grand Jury, the courts are technically required to commence legal procedings and the executive branch is required to enforce the court's edicts. 

My guest this week to talk about this subject is Mr. JOHN DARASH, who will talk about a national program designed to set up 'CITIZEN GRAND JURIES' throughout the country. He is specifically involved in setting up Citizen Grand Juries (aka Common Law Grand Juries) in New York State where some Citizen Grand Juries have already been elected and formed in many counties to fight corruption in New York State as well as to fight the unconstitutional actions of Governor Cuomo and the State legislature in passing the NY SAFE Act (an unconstitutional  gun control law) and other unconstitutional laws.