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Funky, funny talk show with me -- JASON KELLY -- and ALL of your favorite celebs plus more from today and back in the day! Even a little somethin' to keep ya informed. Join us and spread the word, wont'cha? ;)

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30JK NATION... eyes up here! This week, JASON DeCANIO returns to "the J" with a very heartfelt, exclusive update on his real life; his cyberlife, radio show and other projects. You don't wanna miss this episode... keep it right here! We will talk about the THRILL of victory and the AGONY of accepting defeat. The number to join in and call into the show is 347-857-2310. The number; again... 347-857-2310. Find me online: www.blogtalkradio.com/JKFX4LIFE... you know how to spell it; "J-K-F-X; the number 4, then L-I-F-E" ALL CAPITAL; ALL one-word... YOU spread the word, and YOU KNOOOOOW that's word, mayne! And in case you've forgotten who this is... THIS IS PROJECT JKFX!!! Come on! Also follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & YouTube too!
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You've got LOVE IN THE WINDOOOOOOOWWW... HEEEYYY-HEEEEYYY-HEEEEYYYYY!!! Yo, Raising Cane's Fans! Get ready for an EXCLUSIVE interview with the one and only Mr. JEREMY DeCARLO! He... more

A musical tribute to the one and only TINA E. CLARK!!! Musician... songwriter... entrepreneur... rockin' and jammin' it out with me; Jason Kelly! Join us! The number to dial is 347-857-2310. Again, the number: 347-857-2310! Find me... more

Join me -- Jason Kelly -- for another great episode of "30JK"!!! This time, we welcome to 30JK Nation... musician and entrepreneur TINA E. CLARK; originally from Shreveport, LA! She is the lady responsible for songs like "Mister" & "Cold... more

Hey, 30JK Nation... join me, Jason Kelly, as I welcome BRANDON BLACK (otherwise known as "BLAQ") to the mic, ya'll!!! He can jam with the best of them, baby! BLAQ hails from KC, baby; Kansas City, MO! That's right... the "Show-Me... more

Join me, Jason Kelly, as I welcome SCOTT WHIPKEY to the "30JK" mic... we'll talk about everything fun from Hooters Girls to his recently new venue called "Whip's Diner"! To join the party... you know where to go! 347-857-2310... again,... more

I've had the pleasure, privilege and honor of havin' him on my show! Now I, Jason Kelly, am ready to jam with Brandon "MoreBounce" Sutton just ONE MORE TIME! Why? Because once just isn't enough! YES... everybody wants the FUNK... the... more

Join JK as we "proceeed to give YOU what you need" (Thank You, P. Diddy!)... Mr. JUST GOT PAID saluted by 30JK Nation (...and that means YOU!)... the music and the life of JOHNNY KEMP! Live on the "J"; as only JK can give it... more

Join me as J. GLO rocks the house on "30JK" over BlogTalkRadio... that's right; from Dayton, Ohio! The ORIGINAL LAND OF FUNK! ZAPP; Lakeside, Slave... all your faves! Keepin' funk ALIVE... all day; every day! THIS is the place to be... more

Join me on another exciting episode of "30JK" as the BO$$PLAYA CAP-A takes over the mike! His music, where he's from; "Divorce Court" with Judge Lynn Toler and much more! If YOU want in, we got the number for ya!... more

Join me as Jason DeCanio joins me on 30JK... ONCE AGAIN!! That's right... the uber-snazzy and jazzy MISTER... JASOOOOOONNNN DeCANIOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Host of "THE QUEENS NEW YORKER" on... more