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Funky, funny talk show with me -- JASON KELLY -- and ALL of your favorite celebs plus more from today and back in the day! Even a little somethin' to keep ya informed. Join us and spread the word, wont'cha? ;)

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30JK Nation -- you are NOT ready! For the first time ANYWHERE, I am about to BRING THE NOISE with this hella hottie who can KICK ASS AND TAKE NAMES without as much as a second thought! Her name is Nina Donovan aka "Nina da... more

30JK Nation... you've seen the debate... first round is done; votes are done... battle not over! Now you will hear my take on this debacle of a debate. Someone won; someone lost. Simple as that. PLUS... we will then talk about the Dallas... more

Yo... people simply call him "Katch"... but we call him "super"; "a rock star" and definitely "on fire" when it comes to working an easel... Straight outta Jersey! Some celebs; past and present, that he drew, include Kanye West; Bob Marley... more

30JK Nation... welcome back to the mic Jason DeCanio, as he talks about what's up on "The REAL Jazzy Jason Show"; "Pandas in the News", plus more... and maybe we might have a little fun with some "TICKED OFF!!!" along the way.... more

sez: Hey, #Regulators!!! This is Jason Kelly from Texas; host of #Official30JK... and guess what... we have the legendary DJ SANTOS from Las Vegas... RIGHT HERE! Live on my show! Do you like to get down to some serious FUNK!? Do... more

Are you ready for Round Two with Deezle? 30JK Nation, we are bringing some heat from the LAND OF FUNK!!! That's right! Daryl "Deezle" Dalton returns to "The J" to tell us "What's Going On in Dayton". PLUS other ways how YOU can... more

You know what, 30JK Nation? Daryl "Deezle" Dalton cannot get enough of this show! So guess what... he will return as co-host ONE MORE TIME!!! We will talk about his latest and greatest, "What's Going On in Dayton"; lettin' ya'll know what... more

30JK Nation... have you ever wanted to know how a strip club DJ operates? Haven't you ever wished you could be "that guy" rockin' the turntables and gettin' the people AND the dancers hyped up... all night long? What does it take... more

30JK Nation... eyes up here... what your ears are about to experience is something you've never heard before -- my take on the "FDT" movement; also why I will not allow this piece of trash to be president... and YOU will hear... more

Hey there, 30JK Nation! Every time I have him on... you just never know what he's going to say NEXT! You need to join us as JAZZY JASON DeCANIO returns with an exclusive interview and everything else that comes with it... and him! If... more