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Funky, funny talk show with me -- JASON KELLY -- and ALL of your favorite celebs plus more from today and back in the day! Even a little somethin' to keep ya informed. Join us and spread the word, wont'cha? ;)

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Stay Tuned! Fans of radio definitely know who BUMPER MORGAN is! Those who were from Milwaukee especally know his voice from HOT 102 (102.1 WLUM) in its heyday ("...crankin' out 50,000 watts atop of Brew City... more jams than the Marquette Interchange!") Check him out on a VERY SPECIAL EPISODE of "30JK" this Saturday @ 3pm CT/1pm PT over BlogTalkRadio -- 347-857-2310... www.blogtalkradio.com/JKFX4LIFE; see ya then! BlogTalkRadio..."where it's ALWAYS good to talk!" See ya on the Flipside! And KEEP IT OLD SCHOOL, BABY!!! ;)
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Jason Kelly here, 30JK NATION!!! Join me as I welcome to the show... a truly devoted fan of ZAPP & ROGER! This guy is SOOOOOO awesome... (Your Turn -- "HOW AWESOME IS HE??!")... I tell you right now he's so awesome,... more

Hey, gang... join me for a SPECIAL "30JK", as I bring you "Random Ramblings" (part deux) with my good buddy Jason DeCanio ("Life in the Fast Lane"; "Queens New Yorker"). Let's all see how much fun we can have, all right? You want in on... more

Anything that is on my mind, you will hear about it here... whether good or bad; whether in the news or not... ANYTHING IS FAIR GAME!!! In the famous words of the Information Society "...tell me what's on your mind..." Music, TV, movies... more

Oooooooh, yeeeeaaahhh!!! It's goin' down, people! IT -- IS -- ONNNN!!! You heard it in the news... now you are gonna hear from ME, 30JK Nation! Ex-MMA star "War Machine" beating up on sexy adult film star Christy Mack... and I'm not... more

Had so much fun with KC Williams and Ms. Arlene Skwierawski last week, that **YOU KNOW** I had to do it again, 30JK Nation! Where all my Blue Devils at!? Jason needs to hear from ya! JOIN IN THE CONVO, ya'll!! The number to call in... more

Part One was the start of the Salute to North Division; you just heard from me now we wanna hear from YOU! What were YOUR favorite memories of North? Classmates; teachers, staff? Subjects? Let us know at 347-857-2310... that... more

HEY, BLUE DEVILS!!! Jason here, inviting ALL my peeps from North Division of Milwaukee, WI, to join me as I salute my most favorite high school ever in the Brew City! Yup, and Sparky B. Devil will join me rock the house. Come with me... more

Stay tuned, ya'll -- Jason got it goin' on with more of "Japan's Funkiest"! Westcoast Stone in the building! Ain't no party like a "JK" party, 'cuz a "JK" party don't stop! You know the number -- 347-857-2310;... more

It's PARTY TIME, PARTY PEOPLE!!! Join me as I bring YOU a salute to the FUNKIEST artists that Japan has to offer... from Mami Sue, Hiroshima... even my favorite Talkbox fox, WODDY FUNK ("everybody say YEEEEEEAAAHHH...")!!!... more

HANDS UP HIGH for -- my, ohhhh, my -- for YET ANOTHER EXCITING GUEST on "30JK"!!! Join me as I bring you ALEX G from WEST PALM BEACH, FLA!!! Famously known for hammin' it up with the hotties as Director of Operations at... more