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30+ years of friendship. Talking about Sports, Movies, News, and whatever else jumps in our heads.

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This week we are going to be discussing OUR Top 5 Christmas Movies. Will it be It's a Wonderful Life, White Christmas, Miracle on 34th St (the OG Version), Ernest Saves Christmas, or Elf? How about Santa Baby 2, Christmas with the... more

This week we are talking about 2009. Jay asks J more pop culture from 5 years ago. Will J be able to answer the questions or not remember what happened. Who won the World Series, Super Bowl, Grammy, and top Movies. Comment... more

This week we talk about the year 2004. What happen in Movies, Music, Sports and Politics? J will ask Jay some Pop Culture Trivia. Can Jay get alot of these questions right? What were you doing in 2004? Where were you living? Listen... more

This week we discuss the year 1999. Movies, TV, Music, and Trivia. Jay will ask J some Pop Culture Trivia. How well will J do on the question? Will Jay ask easy questions or hard ones? Y2K, were you prepared for the computers crashing... more

This weeks show we are going to talk about our Firsts! What we remember from growing up and in our Teens, 20s, and current 30s? What are your Firsts? Kiss, Girlfriend, Car, Bike, Scooter, skateboard, and etc. Like us on Facebook and... more

On this weeks Episode J is going to ask Jay Movie Quizzes. Was Kevin Bacon in this movie? Or what movie is this by just the describing the plot? Also just listen in cause you like us and you don't have anything else to do. Email us at... more

This is a test rebroadcast for yesterdays show. trying something out for us.

This Saturday night we will be discussing the TV Family shows from the 1980s. Roseanne, Cosby Show, Silverspoons, Different Strokes, and more. If you have a show that you think was great call us at 646-929-0936. We are also going... more

This week we are going to talk about Family TV shows from the 1990. Shows like Married with Children, Full House, Family Matters, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and 90210. We will discuss which was our favorite, worst, and hate to admit that we... more

On this episode we will talk about the TV show Full House. The Goods, Bads, and the Uglies. Where are the now? Will they do an reunion show? Who was your favorite charactor? Who is your favorite charactor? Also last weekend we visited... more