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Doctrine of Truth

Doctrine of Truth


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Join Senior Bishop Algie B. Poole, Jr., Pastor of Jesus Christ International Ministries, as he helps you strengthen your journey with Christ

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The first step of becoming a christian is to come to accept Jesus Christ teaching. Next is to baptize and be convered.Next is to be born again in the prayiful confession of Jesus Christ is lord over your life and continuing prayer and... more

The Bible is to the Christian , as keys to car owners and credits to family,it works ,to understand all of these world problems .Jesus was teaching his disciple ,when they hear of wars,earth quarkes and danger all over the world, be not... more

The world is going throught all types of troubles,from major weather stroms,earth quakes ,fires and wars. But the true Bible student and christian knows that this is not the earth of the world but just signs.

God send his only begotten Son, to the earth to deliver mankind from sin, and in order to do this, another Adam had to be born with out sin natural.Who was born of a virgin woman ,the seed was not from man but from God,an uncorruptible... more

Jesus said that he was going away and if he did not go his way ,he will not send the Comforter to the church. Because has a plan for his people and the Holy Spirit has to come and guild the church thru unitl he return.

God has created man in his own image and likeness ,so he know what is in man and love him from in side out.WE should do the same.

The church has a many jobs and one master is teaching the new believer to become christian..

Many time people will hear someone teaching on an subject and the your understanding isn't there after you leave.So you go home and continue to reseach the matter but it still not clear and all it does make thing more cloudy.These... more

We must live together in the world of problems and confusion and somebody had to show us a plan how to walk each day.Jesus left his believers a commandment to love one another and forgive one another of there faults as he forgive us .