Doctrine of Truth

Doctrine of Truth


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Join Senior Bishop Algie B. Poole, Jr., Pastor of Jesus Christ International Ministries, as he helps you strengthen your journey with Christ

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Prophesy tell us what will happen in the future and present and history.Prophesy help us to be prepare and not scared.All human being as a whole are curious about everything,we want to know what the weather forcast will be next week for travel or the next big money ideas.Sometime when will the world come to an end.We should be concerned about the future because we will have to spend the rest of our live there.
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There have been many discussion on why God stated,'when he saw how wicked everyone on earth was and how evil their thoughts were all the time,he was sorry he made man'.but he found grace in a man name Noah.That mean to some... more

There are many messages in the today about God salvation for man and how to be with God and live in haven for eternity. God send his son to led the way,thur his written and spoken word. And for those who believe in his message they... more

Todays time in which christian live ,entrapment is possible because the world knows the people of faith tell the truth and keep promises. Can you as a honest person make a vow to God and next month or days you decide to change your... more

How to live life being Pretty, Young and Christian!

How to live life being Pretty, Young and Christian!

Satan is a master deceiver and cunning enemy of God's people. All christians must remember that we should not attack each other .Jesus gave us a new commandment that we should love each other and care for the hurt. Problems... more

Paul told Timothy that man should take care of his own home and if he does not he is as worse as an unbeliever. I believe this is one of the devil's tricks designed to stop the workers of the Gospel and cause them to go back into using... more

Love will always forgive you of sins. Jesus is God's love in the flesh and He came to bring people back into God's family. We make mistakes and if we confess our faults it won't overtake us. Confession is God's way of cleansing us from... more

Is God in control of all event that take place in the world? If you believe the Bible you can see he has alright announce that these event was going to take place,wars,earthquakers,desiese and people against people of color.What... more