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Changing careers or paths in life may be a choice, a forced change or a fulfillment of a dream for some of us. It's harder as we get older BUT it is never too late. Join Janice Knox of The Redo Career Lab to discuss how anyway can get going again with the right mindset AND the right tools.

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We throw words out there, some recognizing what they are saying and others not. Words are our audible thoughts and send vibrations rocking through the universe. Should we be mindful of what we are saying? Does it matter? Tune in for the... more

Mindset, mindset, mindset. What's meant by mindset. What about accurate thinking? Is there a difference. In this episode we will discuss the difference between the two. Which do you do? What is the best to do. Let's discuss.

Great time to find your Halo. What is the halo? It's when you walk into a room and EVERYONE sees you! It's the magnetism that you radiate out to all around you. It's good for business, great for relationships, great for families. This is definite... more

Often times we are always "going to" but never make it. Why is this? Do you do this? Well, the "I Will" is just as important as the "I Am". Listen in to our next show to find out how and what YOU can do to get the "I Will" going!

We tell ourselves plenty of negative things. In fact, we will tell ourselves something negative before giving credit for the good we may have done. Why is that? What are you doing when you do this? How does this negativity effect you... more

Tonight I have a special guest. Matti Neal is the owner of MLN Family services and a cofounder of BA Sistas, the new and hot public TV show here in Portland Ore. Matti is the expert in Family Values. She brings wisdom and insight... more

Tonights episode is about the power of stories. Can you change your life by changing your story? Janice discuses the Story principle and the power of stories in our everyday lives. Are YOU living a story? Listen in....

As always, asking oneself the tough questions is hard. How many do you think realize their disatisfaction in life? Probably not many. You see people of all economic, educational and racial backgrounds suffering from the same... more

Self awareness is one of those things that's taken for granted. It shouldn't be. Self awareness is at the core of the foundation for anything and everything that happens to us in life. How self aware are you. Cliche? yes. Powerful?... more

I will discuss what it means to dig deep within oneself to come out ahead in any task you set out to do. I had to ask my self this very question as I found myself thinking back over some of the mistakes in life and how they affected me and my... more