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James Bower

James Bower


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The shocking finale.

The great detective's final case, in which he matches wits with the diabolical genius Professor James Moriarty.

Chapter XLIII cntd Chapter XLIV. Of more extraordinary adventures at the Inn Chapter XLV. In which the question of Mambrino's Helmet and the Pack-saddle is finally cleared up, with other Adventures which most certainly occurred.

Chapter XLII. Of further events at the Inn, and many other noteworthy matters. Chapter XLIII. The charming story of the Mule Lad, with other strange happenings at the Inn.

Chapter XL cntd Chapter XLI. A Further continuation of the captive's story Chapter XLII. The captive's tale concluded

Chapter XL. The Captive's story continued

Chapter XXXIX. The Captive's Tale Also, any indication you could give of where the hash key is on this new Mac of mine would be helpful and would ensure consistency of presentation, which is very important.

Chapter XXXVII Chapter XXXVIII. Don Quixote's curious Discourse on Arms and Letters. In case you're wondering, the random capitalisation is how it's actually written in the book. My grammar is, as always, perfect.

Chapter XXXVI cntd Chapter XXXVII. A continuation of the History of the renowned Princess MicoMicona, and other pleasant Adventures.

Chapter XXXIV ctnd Chapter XXXV. Of the fierce and monstrous Battle which Don Quixote fought with some Skins of Red Wine, with the conclusion of the Tale of Foolish Curiosity. Chapter XXXVI. Of other strange events at the Inn.