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Its About Damn Crime

It's About Damn Crime


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Tired of hearing the same old true crime stories? Then you've come to the right place! Welcome to It's About Damn Crime. A true crime podcast where co-hosts Brittney and Justine discuss true crime cases featuring people of color. So please give it a listen. Promise some of these cases will be brand new to you!

On-Demand Episodes

Welcome to our first full length Stranger Danger episode! There are stories about a man who can't handle rejection, a creepy man with a "gun", a naked "Shrek", a man in a trench coat, an Italian man who can't take the hint, pedophiles... more

Nikko Jenkins came from a family of felons which may be the reason why he started committing crimes as early as 7 years old. And if you could've guessed, his crimes progressively got worse the older he got. We talk about... more

This week's Stranger Danger episode include stories about a grocery store stalker, a basement pervert, a story from someone who personally knew the Jaz & Taz twins (Ep.30), the scariest tie dye t shirt ever, more grocery store... more

Pedro Lopez grew up with 12 other siblings and a single mom in a poor home in Colombia. He was kicked out and forced to live on the streets at a very young age. He lived a life of crime, got sent to jail and there, got his first taste... more

This week's SD episode include stories featuring a close call with a kidnapper, perverted men, a male friend who turned out to be a creep, a parking lot jerk, a creepy bald mall stalker, creepy rape van, pedophiles at a funeral procession... more

Lawrence Horn had it all; a wife named Millie, a daughter & a successful career at Motown Records. That is, until he and Millie separated and he eventually lost his job. After having two more children with Millie, he fell behind on child... more

Wayne Bertram Williams, an aspiring producer in Atlanta, GA, appeared to be a normal guy. From the years 1979-1981, over 25 young black boys went missing, most of which were found strangled. After leaving one too many clues for... more

This week's Stranger Danger includes stories featuring a possible predatorial old man, a listener being spied on while in the shower, a cycling creeper, a rude transphobic man, a thirsty guy at a club who doesn't know what the word "no"... more

In this week's episode, we continue Daniel Holtzclaw's conviction and give you his side of the story. We discuss his temperament while being questioned, as well as the fact that multiple testimonies ended up being disregarded. Some of... more

Daniel Holtzclaw had the makings for the perfect police officer. He was a high school football star, standing at 6'2" and weighed around 242lbs. The man oozed intimidation. Unfortunately, he used it for more nefarious means, raping upwards... more