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Invasion of Privacy

Invasion of Privacy


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Invasion of Privacy

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It's just me and I get into Britney Spears and what a fan I am of her work. I even re-hash the break up with Justin Timberlake and give my account of it. I then get into a story that happened to me in high school where I was sexually taken... more

Keren Margolis and Tommy O'Malley from the "Unhirable" podcast join Kate and they get into Trump and how even though they dislike him they don't necessarily hate him. But they do not like him. Let's make that understood people. Also,... more

Tina Konstas joins Kate to talk about the mass shootings, Puerto Rico, and Kate's intense love for the Twilight Saga. She's no longer hiding in the closet! KATE WOLFF LOVES TWILIGHT FOREVER!!

It's just me again and I go into how God or "The Universe" knows on the deepest level what your heart truly desires. Your ego thinks that it knows best so it fights to hold on, but ultimately all you can do is let go and surrender. Have faith... more

Brenda Castano joins Kate and they discuss Ayahuasca ceremonies and how plant medicine can be super healing for some people. They also get into sound baths and the various experiences you can have from them. Then they discuss... more

It's just me and I have to say it's one of my favorite episodes. I discuss the importance of setting an intention as a way to find purpose in your day/life. I also discuss the feeling of aloneness we all feel, but how we are still all connected... more

Carolyn Castiglia joins Kate and they talk about how to view the world from a balanced place that includes the personal and impersonal perspectives. They get into listening to your ego verses listening to your heart and how to manifest... more

Kacy Coll Erdelyi joins Kate to talk about what made her decide to quit her job and open up her own business in Montclair, NJ. They talk about the importance of letting your creative juices flow, and how much it can change your life. They also... more

Emily Lubin joins Kate to talk about what it's been like to get healings from her regularly. They get into how when you decide to go on the healing journey you still can't avoid feeling pain. Struggle is just part of the human experience.... more

Brendan Sagalow and Matt Pavich join Kate to talk about depression and how so many of us deal with it. Matt then talks about what it's like to be bi-polar, and how it's affected his life. They also discuss DMT and how some people see purple... more