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Let's Talk NDEs!

  • Broadcast in Paranormal
Jaime Lee

Jaime Lee


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Your heart stops, you are clinically dead.  Suddenly you find yourself floating out of your body.  You hover over yourself and hear the doctor call out brisk commands in an attempt to resusciate you.  A flash of bright white, a tunnel.  On the walls are scenes from your life.  You are filled with mixed emotions.  Before you there are figures and you get closer their faces become recognizable.  They are the loved ones long gone come to greet you.  Even your childhood dog is there, tail wagging.  They tell you that you can't stay and have a lot of life left to live.  When the time comes they will be waiting.

The above is an account of stereotypical near death experience, but is it real?  Do those who have NDEs really die and touch the other side, or is it all happening inside our brains?  Are these events best assigned to the realm of science or spirituality?

Join your hosts as they attempt to tackle these difficult questions....