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Round two of Coachella 2013 approaches, and it's time to prepare. If you're planning on going this weekend, or to any other music festival this summer.

The hit Lifetime television program 'Drop Dead Diva' returns with a new episode on Sunday. Producer and Creator Josh Berman will be LIVE on InstantRiverside.com Talk Radio at 2:30 p.m. PT today. Listen to the show... more

GM's new CEO Mary Barra apologized to the families effected by the faulty ignition switches that have now been blamed for 13 deaths and many injuries. GM has made multiple recalls this year. California continues to feel aftershocks... more

A strong earthquake has rocked Southern California

Lt. Governor Newsom supports CA Land Commission website showing state profit from underground minerals. He'll join us live at 3:00 pm, and we'll take your calls. Is TV's Stephen Colbert responsible for an allegedly "racist" tweet sent from... more

Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 search update. Have searchers found debris. Hear what we've learned from a commercial pilot. Taco Bell is going after the McDonald's breakfast consumers. They're even using Ronald McDonald. Are... more

The conclusion now is that the flight crashed in the Indian Ocean according to Malaysia Airlines. Will the loss of this aircraft result in the use of improved tracking for commercial aviation? In the US five people have been arrested for... more

It's been over a week since the Boeing 777-200ER jet vanished. There were 239 people on board for a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. We know that the plane's on board systems were gradually switched off and the plane deviated far... more

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 remains the focus of a massive search effort. What happened to the aircraft?

It's still unknown what happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. A Boeing 777 simply vanished from radar. Without the location of any wreckage there's rumor, speculation and conspiracy theories. In New Jersey a decision has been made... more