"I Can" - International Women's Day

Inner Strength of a Woman

Inner Strength of a Woman

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Last year, I wrote an ebook (soon to be published) called Inner Strength of a Woman. I was inspired to write this book following the birth of my son Leon. I achieved the so called impossible during my labour, and when I looked at the 7 steps I followed, I realised it was not just about labour, these steps actually work in life too. I have followed my 7 steps yet again and trusting in the universe to make this show happen on International Women's Day! I knew that I wanted to host a show to reach out to women on International Womens Day, I let go of the outcome, knowing what I wanted and why I wanted to do this. (to hep more women throughout the world) I then asked myself the right questions on how I could make this happen, and who I needed to contact and here we are ready for the show. I am pleased to announce that on Monday 8th March at 6.30pm GMT, Marie Diamond - Featured Teacher from the Secret and Alexandra Watson, UK's Leading Happiness Expert will be joining us on this amazing show.
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