Islamic House of Israel

Islamic House of Israel


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This radio show provides all Negroes worldwide with information that connects Black Hebrews Israelites with Islam.

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Do you know where you belong? In this podcast, we will discuss the original geographic location of all people. Where did we come from? What land belongs to each race, or tribe? Find out if you are in your rightful place here on earth,... more

In this podcast, we will discuss biblical covenants and answer the following questions: Do the Ishmaelites have a covenant with the Most High? Who are these people today? Which one of Abraham's sons was deemed to be sacrificed... more

Is the bible best for the Israelite people? Is it truly for us, or was it given to our ancestors by their oppressor as a trap? Was it tampered with? Has anything been omitted? In this podcast, we will address your most controversial questions, and... more

In this podcast, I will answer the question: Who is The Comforter? Is it prophet Muhammad or the Holy Spirit? We will look at the Quran and the hadiths of Yeshua (Jesus) to get a true understanding. Who was supposed to come after... more

The word righteous is used in every religious cirlce. Everyone claims the title but the criteria of being righteous is clearly recorded in the scriptures. In this blog we will study the word righteous in the scriptures. After listening to this blog one... more

What was Muhammad's prophecies? Is a question many people have been asking. In this blogtalk you will learning the many prophecies of prophet Muhammad. How they came to past and even more prophecies that have not... more

If you have been wondering what exactly is IHOI? This episode is for you. This episode will explain the mission of IHOI. What they believe in and what they practice on a daily bases. How are they different from other religious... more

Many people interpret the wisdom in many different ways. Mr. Malmadh will give you a perfect breakdown of what a prophet is given and also what a Messenger is given from God. We know what scriptures are but many people lack... more

This episode will deal with Jinns. Where do they live? What are the different kinds of Jinns? What are they made from?

Today's show will analyse various groups position in black prophetic society. Why is this group and other groups relevant or even exist?