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I am RESISTANCE! Every Saturday morning at 11 am PST (and sometimes more) we explore the meaning of life, militant resistance, and the insanity of industrial civilization. We feel compelled to openly explore, seek understanding, and resist a world lost to industrial civilization and the corpratocaracy that enslaves us and deforms our mind. We are enraged militant thinkers seeking truth in a culture of violence and kitsch. Join us in conversation or have a listen.

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Greetings our fellow livestock. Due a scheduling conflict unable to broadcast today 4/19. We will return next Saturday. This talk will continue talking about our understanding of radical feminism and the relationship to civilization,... more
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Radical feminism is the topic of conversation for the next few weeks and its profound importance as a guide to opposing civilization. The essential features of civilization are patriarchy, domination, oppression, and exploitation of the living... more

Today, we are talking about denial and delusion within this culture of occupation. We deny the facts about what is happening in the world; the domination, exploitation, and decimation of the living world. We delude ourselves about our... more

There is a long standing view that the only way to protest injustice is by nonviolent civil disobedience. All violence is wrong..."An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind." This talk will explore this view and the counter view.

Today, we are talking about Distraction = Delusion...

A year ago this month a voice bellowed out of the darkness with the desire to spread the word of resistance to any and all who would listen. Where there was one, now there are two! Welcome another voice to I AM RESISTANCE!!!!

A question was asked by a fellow resister: "How do we effect this kind of change without a radical disruption to the existing system, without placing our humanity in a radically different kind of system that facilitates, rather than retards, such a... more

WAKE UP Part 2: We have to wake up, understand, and work to stop industrial civilization. We need to see that the profound wonder of being cannot be found here because it is insane and toxic. We are traumatized and blind to the cages... more

It is time to WAKE UP and see the cage that is this culture of violence, oppression, rape, and exploitation. It is time to RESIST!!!!!

"The System is a Lie!" It is through the philosophies of civilization that create the systems that create the doctrines and curriculums for the trainings to mortify and domesticate human beings. All serve the dominant culture/benefactors/masters... more

We are know that our systems are but corporations and that they buy and sell the governing bodies. It is all about appearances...the appearance of freedom, democracy, and justice. The only interest corporation is profit for profit sake... more