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I am Resistance and the End Times


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I am RESISTANCE! Every Saturday morning at 11 am PST (and sometimes more) we explore the meaning of life, militant resistance, and the insanity of industrial civilization. We feel compelled to openly explore, seek understanding, and resist a world lost to industrial civilization and the corpratocaracy that enslaves us and deforms our mind. We are enraged militant thinkers seeking truth in a culture of violence and kitsch. Join us in conversation or have a listen.

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I will continue talking about the book "Elements of Resistence"
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This talk will focus on aspects of the excellent book "Elements of Resistance: Violence, Nonviolence, ans the State" by Jeriah Bowser. READ IT!

We live in what author Danial Quinn called, "The Culture of Maximum Harm". Everyday we are condition through the impersonal and personal forces of the dominant culture to accept the unacceptable. I wonder if the neuropathways is... more

Today I want to talk about the question, "What is a good spiritual response to human extinction?" or "What is the appropriate response to human extinction? I was reading a short blog and it answers the questions very well. We are seeing... more

Time to get back to work! Reflections on this toxic culture and our willed ignorance. Let us take up what I spoke of before... What is clear is that people resist to see reality instead of resisting this toxic life system. The notorious... more

This week I want to talk about how I see polyamory [multiple loving relationships] as is form of resistance against this toxic exploitative culture. Let us talk about sharing love and life and why monogamy is about ownerships and power.... more

Today, I want to talk about "RESISTANCE". What do we think of when we talk about resistance? Is it a barrier to thinking or the act or power of resisting, opposing, or withstanding? What is clear is that people resist to see reality... more

People are resisting all over the world, but it is enough? One of the things that keeps people docile is the view that that can find peace and harmony within this toxic system. It is a way to defuse responsibility. It reminds me of what Marilynn... more

As 2014 comes to an end and we have consumed our bit for the Corporatocracy. I ponder after another season of deformity and gluttony, is another piece of our spirit eroded away or was it destroyed long ago? As domesticated farm animals... more

More reflections from a mined mind. Let us rejoice in our decadence and blame ourselves for our madness. First people must see reality. This life system works very hard to keep people embedded in kitsch and madness that is normalized.... more

Greetings!!! I am back from my hiatus ready to speak truth in a world of madness and lies. Today, in my return conversation I want to talk about the horrible violence that we are seeing and how it is only the beginning. What is painfully... more