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Mothra Discussion

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This was an interesting cast...between this one and our Gamera discussion...and by that I mean technical difficulties. Between my computer crashing, incoming Skype Calls and my mic apparently going in and out...was it an Act of G-D? Or an ancient G-ddess known as Mothra? Last I checked I didn't kidnap any fairies from Infant Island. So before Mothra would appear in Godzilla films she had her own. Filled with social commentary such as capital greed, and...innocent bystanders having to suffer...because of capital greed?...and a vampire plant? Ah, it's the 60's and Toho...just G0-Oh with it. The thought/s and opinion/s are that of the individual/s host/s and do not reflect Hunnicoutcast/Skirt/77 Productions. Mothra is the intellectual property of Toho Studios and its affiliates. Mystery Science Theater 3000 is the intellectual property of Best Brains, Shout Factory and its affiliates. Mothra Heavy Metal is the Intellectual Property of the Band Anvil and their affiliates. No infringement is intended on the discussed intellectual properties and their affiliates. The Spreaker.com Podcast Artwork is that of Kendra Hale and Erik Mullins. The Itunes Podcast Artwork is that of Jeff Batista. Geekcastradio.com/Syndicated Shows Itunes, Spreaker, Twitter, Stitcher, Tumblr, Stumbleupon, Soundcloud - Hunnicoutcast hunnicfeedback@gmail.com Hunnicoutcast/Skirt/77 Productions Copyright 2014