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Teaching on the original faith (before Christianity) called "The Way", biblical topics and discussions, politics, and conspiracy topics.

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I will just tell you flat out, throw out everything ou think you know about God, Jesus and everything else. I have been researching a longtime. The Most High has show a lot of details concerning this. Islam, Christianity, Judaism have... more

Faith, truth, an conspiracies is dedicated to bringing the truth to the masses. In this broadcast I want to shed some light on this "good heart", "good person" foolishness. Also, I want to talk about religion as well. Most religions are better... more

Ok, here it is, I will begin to expose things as I have been called by the Most High to do. I will talk about the movie Captain America 2 the Winter Soldier. However, just like in the book Atlas Shrugs, the secret societies find it humourous to... more

Every year during celerated holidays I like to hae a teaching explain the pagan/satanic origins, this is this years version.

More detailed information on what the bible really teaches about sex.

People are usually quick to throw one another under the bus for what they decide sin is or is not. However, THE MOST HIGH has revealed that most are falling short in a main area, SEX. Parental discretion is advised for this broadcast.

This is a continuation of this teaching with a little more detail as to the expectation of the true believers moving forward.

With all of life's distractions, responsibilities, etc, it is easy to have our prirorities out of order. In this broadcast I will teach it to my listeners just how THE MOST HIGH brought it to me. Remember what the scripture says about Semjaza(satan,... more

When we hear people preach, we hear about how God loves us and has a plan for our lives. This is music to any ears. However, many details about the bible's gospel are left out. Making it into THE MOST HIGH's kingdom will not be as... more

In this particular broadcast I will talk about the importance of us who are the people of the book(saved) producing for the Most High's glory. Most are consumers, they do not produce anything. In the biblical faith, many attempt to... more