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Teaching on the original faith (before Christianity) called "The Way", biblical topics and discussions, politics, and conspiracy topics.

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In this broadcast I will discuss the religious aspect of the illuminati. The illuminati controls everything in the world including the world's religion.

We here so much about secret societies/the illuminati. The marks the beginning of many teachings on this subject subscribe, tune in, you don't want to miss this.

Most people nowadays are what is called "personality driven". What this means is a person who follows and supports individuals based on something that they like about them, not based on truth and facts. For example, Eddie Long just paid... more

Most of the time we live defeated lives because we do not understand just what we have in regards to THE MOST HIGH. Others choose the sinful godless empty life of fake success over eternal peace. Tune in to this broadcast I'm pretty... more

Many people wonder why things sometimes just do not work out. Sometimes it seems like sinners have more of The Most High's favor on their lives than believers. But the problem is not THE CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE, we are... more

This is part3 of this series, tune in.

This is a continuation of the series about the soon coming end of days and the events that the bible described would take place leading up to this.

A lot of preachers touch on this subject. A lot of preachers make a lot of money on this topic. But are they giving you true revelation straight from THE MOST HIGH himself? are they hired agents by the powers that be to ultimately deceive... more

I will just tell you flat out, throw out everything ou think you know about God, Jesus and everything else. I have been researching a longtime. The Most High has show a lot of details concerning this. Islam, Christianity, Judaism have... more

Faith, truth, an conspiracies is dedicated to bringing the truth to the masses. In this broadcast I want to shed some light on this "good heart", "good person" foolishness. Also, I want to talk about religion as well. Most religions are better... more