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Teaching on the original faith (before Christianity) called "The Way", biblical topics and discussions, politics, and conspiracy topics.

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When we hear people preach, we hear about how God loves us and has a plan for our lives. This is music to any ears. However, many details about the bible's gospel are left out. Making it into THE MOST HIGH's kingdom will not be as... more

In this particular broadcast I will talk about the importance of us who are the people of the book(saved) producing for the Most High's glory. Most are consumers, they do not produce anything. In the biblical faith, many attempt to... more

Most people have been deceived in some way by the one known as "the devil" in regards to God/the Creator/The Most High etc. either they do not believe and or, they do not believe he will punish sin. In this broadcast I will educate you from... more

In this broadcast I will list 9 tactics/behaviors/methods that are sure too keep us living righteously, thinking righteously, producing spiritually, and experiencing the power and very life-giving of the MOST HIGH. None of us has "it all together"... more

In this teaching I will discuss how the airwaves are being used to deceive us into death, or homosexuality/lesbianism-which leads to depopulation, vaccines which leads to depopulation, promotion of white supremacy, slandering faith in religion,... more

Continuation, part 2 of these series.

Don't believe everything you hear Why all these names? Yah,Yahweh,Jehovah,Allah? what's the connection? what is the difference? we will discuss the different deities and the connection. If you want to learn truth,... more

This is the conclusion of the "end of the world" part 3. In this broadcast I will discuss what takes place after the seventh trumpet, leading all the way up to the new heavens and the new earth coming down fully prepared for the saved.

This is the continuation of part2 of the end of the world series. We will pick up with the fifth seal and go all the way to the seventh trumpet. Be sure to tune-in to all of these broadcasts.

This is part 2 of my "end of the world series". In this broadcast I will outline the seals, and trumpets, what will happen after the false messiah comes to power, the two witnesses-what they will do, what will ultimately be their fate,etc. Unbiased... more