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And the nominee is Trump, Cruz, or Other? The race for the nomination of the Republican Party is between 2 people - Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. Donald Trump seems to have the nomination all sowed up, but is that the end of the... more

A New York State of mind?. Donald Trump and Ted are battling for the NY delegates- is Ted Cruz out of his mind?- why would he go to a state where he is loathed?- should he have skipped New York?- should we give him credit for... more

Vetting the candidates - The pressure to be relevant Donald Trump had a rough week - he came under more than the usual scrutiny, and stumbled a bit. As the Presidential race gets closer to the nomination, the pressure is on for the... more

The polls in politics- can the GOP overcome and win? The latest polls do not bid well for the front runner -Trump is behind Clinton in most polls- a worry that cannot be ignored. Cruz fares slightly better, but can he beat Hillary Clinton ?.... more

The right's attempted power grab-a recipe for disaster-the left's bombastic stupidness Donald Trump continues his quest for the nomination with Ted Cruz close behind-meanwhile the right continues it's road to disaster by... more

Donald Trump has proven he has staying power in this presidential race. The left hs tried again and again to derail him, but he is still the frontrunner- but what about the establishment GOP's attempts to boot him from the race- who are they... more

Mitt Romney and the establishment's pile on-are they serious? The Republican establishment is so desperate to maintain the status quo that they have trotted out Mitt Romney to pile on Donald Trump- they(establishment GOP) still don't get... more

The Trump surge- is it time to recognize him as the nominee? Despite all efforts, Donald Trump has surged to the front of the Republican Ticket, and I don't see how he is going to be stopped. What we see is a country who is... more

What we need in a president Ask not what the American public can do for the candidate, but what the candidate can do for the American people. The revised words of JFK, which still holds true- the American people have a responsibility,... more

make way for the insurgents. If you are as tired as I and many other Republicans are of establishment politicians who lie to us repeatedly and don't keep their promises to us, then bring them on!. A refreshing change is in the air(real... more