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Feeding Your Soul. De Wayne Brasfield is a practical Bible teacher. De Wayne gets inside the hearts and minds of audiences to challenge their thinking, engaging them in learning, while having fun. Join the discussion every Sat 10:00 am (CST)

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I. Introduction: How do you make decisions? Do you try to determine what will benefit you the most, or perhaps you strive to please or impress others? Maybe you let emotions take control or attempt to make a logical choice. Wise... more

More than one quarter of American adults are leaving the faith of their childhood. Though Christianity is the world's largest religion, each year many people choose to leave the faith and go their own way. Some continue to believe in God,... more

Join De Wayne Brasfield as he speaks humorously sharing his shortcomings and poking fun at religious stereotypes. He discusses HOT Christian topics helping you feed your soul with the nourishment of Jesus the Christ. Thick... more

Jesus encouraged believers not to let fear keep them from sharing God's Word. It is not men people should listen too but God who is able to plunge both body and soul into eternal fire. Christians are redeemed and should not fear God's wrath... more

One GOD, One Church, One Platform: Temptation. No enemy you face is more persistent. Just about the time you think you've outrun it, temptation shows up around the next corner. Let's discuss. Oliver Brasfield is a practical Bible... more

Introduction to Open Door Disciple Club | Our New Program Fomat Join us each week to discuss the ups and downs of sharing your faith. We are not a corporate church, but an organization composed of sincere men and women networking... more

To Debate or Not Debate: Topic of the week The Holy Living Nutrition Show: Feeding Your Faith Evangelist D. Oliver Brasfield discusses "Hot" Christian topics helping people "feed" their faith with hope and restoration through the... more

To Debate or Not Debate: Ancient leaders had a real problem with Jesus and they still do today. People want to make Jesus disapear but why Jesus? Let's discuss. The Holy Living Nutrition Show: Feeding Your Faith Evangelist D.... more

To Debate or Not Debate: The Book of acts is the sequel to the Gospels. The story of the Church is a marvelous continuation of the story of Jesus but how was it done? The Holy Living Nutrition Show: Feeding Your Faith Evangelist... more

The Holy Living Nutrition Show: Feeding Your Faith Anyone who believes in God can be a believer but it takes self-discipline to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. Do you have what it takes? R-U Sure? Join Oliver as he speaks... more
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