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Rev. DeWayne Brasfield is a practical Bible teacher. DeWayne gets inside the hearts and minds of audiences to challenge their thinking, engaging them in learning, while having fun. Discipleship! What a powerful word in the body of Christ. Discipleship is a spiritual activity. People reject Jesus because they don't see Him. They're spiritually blind. Are you the light to lead them to Jesus? DeWayne shows you how to top into the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit to help you when sharing your faith. No scripts Required. Join the discussion every Sat 10:00 am (CST)

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Many believers go their entire Christian lives and never understand the necessity the Holy Spirit's presence and work. Yet, apart from the Holy Spirit, you and I simply cannot lead godly lives. Working in our power can never be better then... more

Are you a believer or disciple? Disciples are called to help increase the kingdom. We all play a part if you're a believer saved by grace. When will we start recognizing the impact we could make if all of Jesus disciples make it a point to... more

Fresh, vibrant, creative…real – welcome to what might be the most exciting thing you could ever do. Setting up a platform for training you're congregation of believers to become disciples of Jesus Christ. So what is the... more

Christmas is becoming increasingly secular and less spiritual. We underestimate the impotance of knowing why we clebrate the holiday. Brother Brasfield is a practical Bible teacher. Recognized as an exceptional leader, motivator and... more

If you've ever traveled, you know baggage can be an issue. However, have you ever considered how the intangible baggage of past experiences or personal sin hinders your journey with Christ? Hebrews 12:1-3 compares the Christian life to... more

Join De Wayne as he gets inside the hearts and minds of his audiences to challenge their thinking, engaging them in learning the bible, while having fun. He identifies the basic steps of salvation that can be used in sharing your faith with... more

This is an amazing one-time experience; however, you are meant to grow in your walk with God. As you do, you get to know Him in a personal way, discover His purpose for your life, learn to listen to and obey Him, experience His presence,... more

When you accept Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, the Holy Spirit comes into your life and seals you as a child of God. This is an amazing experience; however, you are meant to grow in your walk with God. As you do, you get to... more

I. Introduction: How do you make decisions? Do you try to determine what will benefit you the most, or perhaps you strive to please or impress others? Maybe you let emotions take control or attempt to make a logical choice. Wise... more

More than one quarter of American adults are leaving the faith of their childhood. Though Christianity is the world's largest religion, each year many people choose to leave the faith and go their own way. Some continue to believe in God,... more
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