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A Life Unchained


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Lasting peace and contentment comes through letting go; by creating life anew.

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We choose to hold on to people, things and events of the past, which chains us to it--preventing us from growing and moving on in life. Yet these are but shadows of what was, not what is; who you were, not who you are. Lasting peace and... more

Topic: Do I really need a Spiritual Teacher? If I do, what should I look for; what should I avoid? Is it okay to follow many paths and many teachers at once, or just one?

Topic: GOOD and EVIL - Why do seemingly good people do bad things? Is there truly such a thing as good and evil, or is it simply a matter of perspective? If there is good and evil, what's its purpose? Can someone be born evil? Can... more

Topic: Harmony and The Metaphysical/Hermetic Law of Correspondence. We discuss how the principal "As above, so below; as below, so above" can help us to take control of our lives and steer it in the direction of our choosing.

Topic: RELATIONSHIPS - The channel through which we learn our greatest life lessons. Partners, family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc.; they can bring us both joy and heartache, they can both make us laugh and furious, but going... more

Topic: The Next Generation - The spiritual, social, and moral changes coming this millennium. Why do the youth of today "seem" more arrogant, dismissive of tradition, and non-linear in their thinking? Why does there "seem" to be a rise in... more

Topic: CYCLES- aka the Metaphysical/Hermetic Law of Rhythm. How understanding the timing of things helps us to build patience and be at peace.

TOPIC: Free Will versus Predestination. If, from God's point of view, there is no time, then doesn't it already know all outcomes? If so, then how can Free Will exist?

Topic: MORALITY - Who decides what’s moral? Is there really right and wrong, good and bad? Can we legislate morality, and should we even try? Is it ever justifiable to harm another? What about killing or war?

Topic: The levels of spiritual growth and maturity – Is it about building character, or overcoming past karma/sin? What is the goal of all this growth and maturity, and where do we go once we've go through all the levels?
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