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Environmental Wacos Are To Blame For Food Price Increases

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Only a policy created in Washington DC could drive up the prices of gasoline and food, with the added benefits of costing the American taxpayer billions in tax subsidies and killing people in 3rd world countries. Ethanol production is a total government scam. Its similar to the scam of the unemployment numbers that leave out the people who have just quit looking for work and then calculate the total. You and I pay 45 cents a gallon to have the scam blended with gas. When we drive with the stuff in our cars we get 67% the energy of gasoline. Fuel economy of a vehicle running on E-85 will be about 25% less than a comparable vehicle running on gasoline. So we are paying to have the government scam us while we get 25% less energy out of the scam we put in our cars Food inflation can be blamed on U.S. policies to subsidize ethanol. Your tax dollars are given to farmers to grow more corn for ethanol. Because farmers are growing more corn and less wheat etc it is driving the price of all food up. Obama and his fellow green crazies are in fact to blame for the price increases in food because ethanol is not cost effective to produce without a government bail out. According to the Wall Street Journal, in 2001, only 7 percent of U.S. corn went to ethanol. By 2010, the ethanol share was 39 percent. So instead of growing wheat, our farmers are growing corn in order to cash in on ethanol subsidies. Egyptians who can’t afford to buy bread and have taken to the streets in protest might be very interested to know this.