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"The Reality Talk" Reality what?! Reality who ?! Let's talk! Tonight's show is all about "You" tell us why ur really into Reality shows! What amazes u about reality shows! And what u think about reality?y show episodes! The shows consist of:... more

The death of Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner. We're reliving the past of Emmitt Till. Nothing has changed since then. When are we going to come together as one and unite as one. Or we still gone be killing one another. AND... more

three different topics gone try and talk about all not sure if i can. just going off the top of my head. hope you enjoy!!!

really bored and not feeling well


Interesting right? I know right it grabs you attention. Well as you all know tonight show is about Scammers who spams you. What are scammers? How do you know when someone is trying to Scam you? Can you trust giving out yur... more

just telling the world about my special someone and how much they mean to me and how if you have a special someone treat them good and the right way. love them for them and be there for them no matter what.

whats the real defintion of love? do people understand what love really means. do they understand how love is felt or to be loved? is love in relationship these days or people just in relationships cause the sex is good? whats a realtionship... more

who's better? who's stronger? smarter? wiser? who can take care of themselves? Why do we battle so much? Like is there a reason for all of that? Do we prove a point or just do it for the fun of it? so many questions so many answers.

Why do people argue so much? Is it fun to argue? Whats the point of argue? Whats the definition of arguing? Is it bad or good? Is it healthy? Can anything be solved when arguing?