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Most people are aware of the connection between the mind, body and spirit and how it influences our health and well being. They have simply forgotten that all three must be in balance for optimal wellness. If you have a comment or question, be sure to log into our Chat ~or~ send a message to HealingHouseRadio@the-healing-house.com

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It is human nature to react instinctively, especially when faced with fear or anger. The trick is not to remain reactive and allow yourself to move into choice. Today's episode will be an exploration of ways to recognize when we're in reactive mode... more

One of the biggest challenges in stepping up into our own power is accepting those aspects of ourselves that we percieve to be weaknesses or define as failures. Even if we can accept them, we often encounter others who focus on... more

As a doctor of chiropractic and an energetic healer, I walk between the worlds of conventional medical modalities and spiritual practices. It is important to remember that there is light and shadow in all things, including healing... more

There is a saying that the body cries the tears that the eyes do not. In this episode, we will be exploring the importance of personal authenticity for our mental, physical and spiritual health. When we are not authentic; when we do... more

Today on Healing House Radio, Dr. Ayleen will be discussing authenticity and sharing. How can we be fully true to ourselves and still function as a member of not only society, but also in our personal relationships. What is the toll on our... more

Today's episode is dedicated to Fathers and Father-figures, both by blood and choice. The media often focuses of fathers that either neglect or abandon. While thre is a sad truth to some of these stories, there are far more fathers that... more

One of Murphy's Famous Laws states, ?If you think that you have everything under control, obviously there is something you don't know about?. Today Dr. Ayleen will be exploring how often events, things and even people can come out... more

There is an old saying that states, "The message transmitted is not always the message received". Today's episode will explore the issues that arise when what we mean is not what we say. While it can be tremendously difficult to... more

While there are many differing views on the military history and policies of this country, it is right and appropriate to honor those who served, especially those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. There are very few who don't have loved ones... more

No matter how much we generally enjoy life, sooner or later life events take their toll and our energy get drained and we start running on empty. If we don't take time to rest and rejuvinate then we end up burning out and losing our ability to... more
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