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Wednesday 8 am. Let's explore the Spiritual community. What are some of the classes and events and how can you use what they are teaching. See how it applies to your everyday. We will feature teachers from the spiritual community to share their gifts and knowledge. For more information about the Spiritual Community visit our website SpiritualCommunitiesNetwork.com

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Spiritual Communites Network is about exploring the Spiritual Community and what it has to offer you in the way of Spiritual growth, evolution, well-being, health, self-mpowerment and answers to some questions you may have held for some time. Thank you for coming to explore with us. Gwen Peterson Founder of Spiritual Communities Network SpiritualCommunitiesNetwork.com
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If you missed last nights Teleclass program, no fear, we will replay it here for you. Susanna Tocco-Mantras can instill a vibration of healing in the body. Learn the history of Mantra and how to easily apply it. Renee Bledsoe-Addiction... more

Our last program with Curtis was great. He breathes a breath of fresh air into all the spiritual mumbo jumbo that has really become somewhat run of the mill and losing its depth and meaning. Listen as Curtis shares his "redneck" humor and... more

Today's cards were interesting. Persistence, Open Your Heart to Love, Yes and Focus on Your Strengths. Very timely for those who have found themselves questioning whether or not to persist in a career, relationship or financial... more

Whoa!! What a very powerful morning. I asked Spirit for guidance on this morning's presentation and pulled the cards; Nurture Yourself, Trust and Listen. Pulled an extra one Energy Healing. Actually pulled it 3 times. LOL Then came... more

I have started to listen to the 8 hour video from the 2014 Epilepsy Pipeline Conference Family Day. I am about 3 hours into it and have taken away some very interesting information from it. I am looking forward to sharing more about... more

Soul Talk Have you ever wondered how to translate all your thoughts, your beliefs, and the feelings you have into inspiring your life?Learn how your Soul is communicating with you through your emotions, intellect, and physical action.... more

You are a powerful person. You are powerful enough to convince yourself otherwise. You can learn to come back to your power and it is so easy that the hardest part about it is getting your mind to wrap itself around the concept. We... more

In the news on Facebook!! Check out the Epilepsy Foundation of America's 2014 Pipline Conference Archives. Last Thursday, Friday and Saturday a number of speakers came together to talk on a number of topics. These are archived on... more

Curtis always makes me giggle to hear him share his take on Spirituality. To see him you would never guess it. Big white guy, construction worker, pickup truck, southern twang. Watch out he is truly one of a kind. It is my pleasure to have... more
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