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Wednesday 8 am. Let's explore the Spiritual community. What are some of the classes and events and how can you use what they are teaching. See how it applies to your everyday. We will feature teachers from the spiritual community to share their gifts and knowledge. For more information about the Spiritual Community visit our website SpiritualCommunitiesNetwork.com

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The Spiritual Communities hood of course!! There is always something new and happening in the community. Yours or mine or ours. I love the opportunity to connect with all of you and to share what I see and learn from each of you. If you missed the Tuesday night Teleclass, I will recap with you here. The class is on Chinese Medicine with Dr. David. Want to hear the class live go to our website: SpiritualCommunitiesNetwork.com to register. It is free and we would love to have you as part of this class. Looking forward to our next gathering here on blogtalkradio. Til then have a beautiful week. and remember to visit our website. Gwen Peterson Founder Spiritual Communities Network
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Spiritual Communities Network radio brings a blending of information for you about many topics. Our program has gone through changes over the years and now is no exception as we look to bring to you more of what you are looking... more

You will never really know what we will be covering until it happens. Why? Because that is how working from the Now works. Working with the energies of the moment and the guidance at hand. Now is the time that we begin to... more

Good Morning friends Today we launched into a rant on technology. Good, bad, indifferent?? Like anything else which end of the stick you are holding will dictate your experiences with it. If you are not in a good feeling place with it, well... more

Wow super duper ranting going on today. We are in a very powerful moment which can be causing some struggle and overwhelment issues. Lots of things happening. How best to navigate this moment? Be prepared because this is all... more

Hello friends, I have had a very active week. Three very big events have come to pass and in drawing cards to see what I should share with you, I was guided to bring in all three and to share with you how to focus upon your... more

We will be replaying last night's Teleclass featuring Laurie Barraco of The Mystical Moon in Fort Myers FL. She will be teaching on the Magic of Manifesting. The Magic of Manifesting We all are manifesting every second of every day. Today I... more

Thank you Lynne for being with us and talking about Intuitive Development. I think this is becoming quite the buzz word to describe some very deep spiritual work. Learning to developement our internal guidance and trusting in it is so key to... more

It is always my pleasure to have Lenka Spiska share this time with us. She has such a wonderful way of presenting her topics. Today we talked about grounding. What that means and how to do it. Grounding is so important to our overall... more

How exactly will Law of Attraction, Positive Change, Let It Go and You Can Do It come together to guide you in your day to day experience? At what level do you want to work? To what degree do you find yourself becoming more aware of the... more
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