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Movie themed broadcast dealing with film as it relates to current social issues.

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Ironically, the character of Dr. John Watson, the famous sidekick of the great literary detective Sherlock Holmes,was created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who himself, was a physician. What better way to introduce and narrate the... more

This is the first of our look at "Classic Hollywood" and it's finest leading Women and Men. Every other episode, we'll bring you our thoughts on some of cinema's best actors and actresses to have ever grace the "Silver Screen". This... more

With the film industry releasing movies at an accelerated rate, we take a moment to notice how the powers have changed, in favor for the women of film. More adventurous, less yielding to commonality, more commanding while changing the... more

Denzel, Colin and Hugh, three of the most famous, and talented actors of our times. Each a star in his own right, each making us take notice of their wonderful performances, each so very different, and yet so very similar when it come to... more

If you're a fan of the classic cinema "Gangsters" of yesteryear, then you're no stranger to the group of actors who made that genre of films famous. Our next episode will highlight four such leading men, who made it cool to be cruel:... more

"Do you swear to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth...." After watching the featured films we've chosen for tonight's show, it's hard to tell what is truth and what is perception. But never fear, we've seen enough to at least, get your... more

For decades, filmmakers have toyed with the notion, and with some success, of having man and animal share the same "limelight". Movies like "Lassie" and "Ladd a Dog" come to mind, from back in the 60's. Well, we'd like to take... more

The term ?Captain My Captain? is the subject of our latest episode (…a quote from the works of renowned poet, Walt Whitman). Each of the film titles this week has the word ?Captain? associated with it! The Host taking the... more

I don't know about you, but there are some actors and actresses that just catch your eye. You find yourself following them through the films they have graced over their careers. Tonight we discuss some our favorites, and we hope you'll... more

Actor, writer, producer, director, are just a few of the hats worn by Quentin Tarantino; who's films always seem to deliver. Whether the themes are old world, modern day, or a combination of both, his cinematic style always finds a... more