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Movie themed broadcast dealing with film as it relates to current social issues.

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Who doesn't love the heart warming Christmas movies of yesteryear. Many a season I would sit with my family to do just that, watch "Miracle on 34th Street, White Christmas, or A Christmas Carol". All fine films, and to be honest, I'll get a chance to enjoy them too. But this year, here on A Reel Point Of View, we thought we'd introduce you to a few films that step a few feet back, away from the norm. Movies that are not too cliche', but approach Christmas in different ways.
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Comedic films never seem to get the credit they deserve. There are some really great pieces of work directed and acted by some very talented artisans, not just in dramatic, or romantic realms; but comedy too! So our offering this episode is... more

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What is bravery? Is it tangible, is it conceptional, or is it both? Is it something we learn, or is it something that is innate; born within us? Do we turn it on or off; or is it always with us. One definition of bravery states " courageous behavior or... more

When you're looking for the right actor for a film, one way to start is with one that exudes confidence, poise, is well read, and has the right aesthetic. All these characteristic, and a great deal more, are qualities found in our next "Golden... more

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