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Movie themed broadcast dealing with film as it relates to current social issues.

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Chase scenes have played a big part in many Hollywood films over the years. Some of the early known chase scenes occurred in westerns and classic gangster films. There's something thrilling and exciting about seeing stagecoaches swiftly... more

Film industry and fans alike have been patiently awaiting the 2015 Oscars. The question is "Who's going home with the Gold"? Many fan favorites have been cast aside, and weren't even considered as nominees. Did any of your beloved... more

Most nights we focus on critiquing the movies, and rightfully so...we're film critics! But for this episode, we'll be focused on the music. Each year since 1934 the Academy has honored the best original song with Oscar Gold. And the song... more

As the legacy of two of the most successful movies franchises continues, so to does the debate as to which of these film icons is the most entertaining and action packed. We won't venture to say that we have all the answers, but we do have... more

We've decided to take a look back through films of the past as a way of reminiscing and discussing movies that were popular "way back when". As always, there's a slight twist. We'll be looking at movies that depict the way it... more

We thought the Golden Globes Nominations were more than interesting. Now what about the "Academy Awards"? With "Award Season" in full bloom, it only makes since to start paying close attention to the upcoming Oscars and what... more

After all the hoopla and acceptance speeches, the awards were given out and all is right with the world...just not with the Movie Maven Karen Dee,Larry Domkowski film critic from "Must See Movies" and me, Greg Morgan the "Reel Movie... more

The Golden Globe Award is an American accolade bestowed by the 93 members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association recognizing excellence in film and television, both domestic and foreign. So here's our opportunity to take a 2015... more

Comedic films never seem to get the credit they deserve. There are some really great pieces of work directed and acted by some very talented artisans, not just in dramatic, or romantic realms; but comedy too! So our offering this episode is... more

Some of the most exciting movies of all time were the cinematic masterpieces Hollywood coined as film Epics. Lavish sets, larger than life locations, colorful wardrobes, famous actresses and actors, legendary directors and producers; all... more