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Welcome to The Metaphysical Edge where possibilities unfold and probabilities emerge. TONIGHT ~ FREE MINI READINGS, DREAM ANALYSIS AND CRYSTAL READINGS. Join Bee for an hour of powerful programming TONIGHT and call in for your free mini read ~ every Tuesday at 9 pm Eastern.  

  •  Forget about the question 'if' UFOs exist ~ they DO, and Bee will feature guests who have experienced them.
  •  Forget about whether or not there is an afterlife ... There IS, and Bee will bring the proof to the airwaves with lively guests who have knowledge of the existence.
  • Want to speak to a 'real' psychic?  Tune in.  Bee and her featured guests will tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear.
  • Is your house haunted, have you ever seen a spirit, or maybe you have photographed weird things with your digital camera -- Tune in to The Metaphysical Edge for some interesting intel -- not everything is what it seems.
  • Do your dreams worry, startle or concern you?  Ask Bee for an on-air dream interpretation to help you unravel the mystery.

    Rev. Barbara "Bee" Delozier is an ordained metaphysical  minister who holds a doctorate degree in metaphysical science.  She is a generationally gifted psychic and certified spirit medium.  Bee is a crystal and stone practitioner who's book, "Crystal Healing: 2012 And Beyond" has quickly become a favorite amongst the 'stone people' who love and appreciate the beauty and energy of rocks, crystals and stones.

    The Metaphysical Edge is sponsored by Greater Good Ministries Radio, a focus of Empower U Enterprises.
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