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Sometimes it's hard to forgive or forget on certain situations but we all are faced with this issue. What do you do...do you continue to give people unlimited passes or do you instantly sever all ties with that person or try and come up with a... more

Infidelity, cheating, and affairs...these are topics that we tip toe around discussing when we're in relationships. The prosect of being lied to and cheated on by our significant others is not only a terrifying prospect to dwell on, but its a... more

Many people would argue the fact that most love affairs are sparked by some type of physical attraction. Some may say that relationships are built on chemistry and connections while others may argue that some are driven by sex. No... more

Rap music is amazing in its influence and popularity. Far ,ore than just a musical style, rap and the sub-genres of rap have created distinct cultures with specific expectations, status symbols and norms. But while some rap artist have worked... more

Most of today's rap music sucks when compared to music of the past...why is that? Most of these artist "ain't spittin' no tyeof dpope shit. But thats not even the bad part about it, they're not even say in words anymore. They just got a... more

Music has the ability to change the way people feel, their thoughts and perception and their way of thinking. Mainstream artist of today seems to lack the real true talent when compared to most artist of the past. Tune in and let's talk... more

Do you waste time and energy into trying to fit in? Well stop it! And aim to belong. Many of US suffer from this split between who we are and who we present to the world in order to be accepted. But at the same time we're not... more

Why is it people always want to tell you what to do and how to do it, when they're not even doing it themselves. It seems like people who don't have their own shit together always wanna give you advice on what you should or shouldn't be... more

Do you quickly change the subject to something alot less controversial, when some of your closest co-workers, friends and even family members ask you abourt your music career? You work a 9 to 5 that barely pays the bills, your... more

Living your dream is a conscious decision we choose to make everyday in life. Sometimes we forget how to dream big, and sometimes we forget that our dreams are precious assets and just as we sell our time for money, we often sell our... more
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