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Calling and texting are both two great ways of communicating, but some people feel that texting is better...Texting allows much more advantages then calling. Texting is more faster, cheaper, more convient. It also eliminates long... more

What did you learn from your grand parents relations? Wisdom, knowledge, information...regarding relationships. Well,I truely believe the enviornment that we create and the atmosphere we have in our homes has something to do with how... more

It's an old-age debate in many people's opinion: When is the best age to start having kids? Early in life, when you have more energy, or later on, when you're more established? Is it better to start in your 20's when you're younger and... more

Would you rather be the richest person in the world but have no one know you or the most famous people alive but be totally broke?

Keeping secrets or telling lies in a relationship which one is worst? Who's the in 347-884-9973 and tell us your opinion!!!!

How can you tell the love you feel is the kind which will last a lifetime and not just some overwhelming infatuation which will fade with time? It seems simple enough but if it were so simple, why is the divorce rate so high in this country?

These days there are alot of people living in dysfunctional relationships...Some marriages are bad, some marriages are goood. But there seems to be a big debate when it comes to shackin' up and being unmarried. Some couples are... more

In today's world that we live in; as time prevails generations like to look upon the past genenerations and label them as old...Some older methods have come to withstand the tests of times. Now with technology advancements today's youth... more

Kinky vs freaky is the topic at hand call in and tell us your definition!! Which one are you...

Flirting and cheating...what's the difference? When does flirting start to cross the line? Is flirting cheating? How much flirting can you do before it becomes cheating? Both male and female have different perspectives when it comes to... more
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