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Alot of people put on their "happy face" when they are out in the world. Some actually are happy, while many people are only masking their sadness. When you are not happy with yourself, you can not be happy with anything else. So,... more

Tyear is 2015 and many people around the globe are wondering if the end of the world is near. I don't think there has ever been such a widespread interest in this topic like there is today. And who can blame people for wondering, when... more

Life is tough and life is real but only the strong survive. Life is a journey with many options and opportunities but it's up you to steer your way through....Some people make it happen and some people wait for other's....So are you driving or... more

In the world of social media, and platforms like Facebook, twitter & instagram, are people way too personal? Are people obsessed with posting pictures and tags of themselves and there whereabouts? Some people like to show you every move... more

People usually give up when things get too hard or take too long. We fail a few too many times and respond by giving-up too quick. Obstacles won't disappear but you can certainly prepare for them. If you set goals and go after them with... more

There seems to be more and more tradgies happening in these United States of America on a regular basis. We have witnessed more killings of unarmed African American men than we have seen In the last decade. And it seems to keep... more

Most men have few examples of what good fatherhood should look like. So tonight on the Get Heard Show we're gonna discuss the different reasons why guys struggle and succeed in being fathers. And so here's to all those... more

What's more important to you...a hug or handshake or a simple 10,15,20 minute conversation.

When we live a life that is selfish, any identification, honor, or glorification given by others is expected to be for us. We expect others to think highly of us. "Look at me", "Look at what I did", or "Look at what I have". Truth is most people are not... more

The future means different things to different people, and it effects peoples lives both personal and professionally whether you realize it or not... You don't have to be a superhero or social activist to have a mission. It just means that... more
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