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Where's the fine line between being a "Chooser" instead of a "Chaser"...Who really knows?Most of the time you are in "chooser" mode but occasionally you have to switch gears and become a "Chaser" too. Although, chasing... more

Dating can be frustrating. The wrong people contact you, the right people ignore you, and just when you think you've made a connection–poof–it disappears! While you may just want to give up, quitting is not the answer. Let's... more

Almost anybody who has been sexually active can tell you that the action hasn't always been continuously well-orchestrated, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. A break in the action affords us quite a few benefits when sexually active.... more

Dreams and Goals are the backbone of society and innovation. They are the birthplace of human ambition! And a person without a dream or goal is only a shell of his or her potential. Dreams and major goals are so important for a... more

Having good music these days is not enough to be successful in the music business of today. It really takes knowledge and patience to have a successful music career. Tune in let's discuss what it takes to have a successful... more

Are you doing what you wanna do...or what someone else suggest you should do? Really when you think about it; why do we even care what others think? Their thoughts are someone else's opinion. People can tell you to shut your mouth but... more

It's funny how to terms can sound so alike and are almost opposite in meaning. So tune in cause I'm a chop it u p and break it down for my Get Heard listeners... Someone who is hard working is devoting time and energy to performing the... more

"Being totally honest with oneself is a good exercise" ...but have you ever asked yourself this question? How Honest Are You With Yourself Why is it so important to ask yourself this question; because it could make the difference between... more

More than even in the digital age there is a ton of new music out there. Over saturation is a term often used these days. So if you're an indie artist of today...One of the most important key to this journey is going to be getting your... more

Just think about how passionate you are in the bedroom compared to the person you was with in the past who might have been great or not so great in your sexual escapades. Was it that persons skills or that persons personal feel or touch that... more
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