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Jesus came to bring us abundant life yet so few find it. Join us for prayers and fellowship as we seek healing, deliverance and truly find life abundant.

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The phrase "Judge Not" is echoed over and over again today among the elect. The slightest attempt to talk about sin is usually met with "don't judge me". Is this what God had in mind for the Church? Is this popular phrase even biblically... more

As Christians, we have ebbs and flows to our walk with Christ. Sometimes, we find ourselves in the heights of revelation while we live and breath the promises of God while at other times we find ourselves surprised at the levels to which we... more

Are you ugly? Does that question offend you? What do you look like? There is a strong drive today to be beautiful in the eyes of men. But I'm not talking about in the physical realm. Spiritually speaking, what do you look like? How does God... more

Are you pleasing to God? Do you hold the testimony of Jesus Christ? Many people, including Christians resist the Holy Ghost. Stubbornness is as the sin of witchcraft! God wants you to resist sin, not Him! Join brother Jim in the Bible... more

Failure, Delay, Sickness, Depression, Anger. All of these are the place of people in the world but are not the rightful place for the child of God. God intences of us to have abundant life. Abundant life is joy and peace with power from the... more

Time and again we see in the Holy Scriptures examples of God opening and closing doors in the lives of His people. Are you ready for the next door God will open in your life? What are things that could cause you not to pass through that... more

The bible is honest with us, we must be honest with what we read in the bible. Sometimes people like to sugar coat what is read to meet their own doctrine which they have been taught. It is not intellectually honest to do so and is also... more

Sometimes life presents us with difficult situations. In these times, the bible is clear about what is requried of the christian. 1). we need to properly understand the time we are in 2) We need to be desperate until God moves for us.... more

The Bible tells us that our thoughts are the secret to understanding who we really are. This teaching and prayer helps us to understand and pray against a heart that is showing itself not to be righteous. Let us not be like the hypocrites... more

At the end of every month, we gather as a fellowship to encourage one another in the faith. We were able to record the encouragements from last night and gladly bring them to you in hopes that they help you in your faith. May you overcome... more