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Jesus came to bring us abundant life yet so few find it. Join us for prayers and fellowship as we seek healing, deliverance and truly find life abundant.

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Are you free? Truly free? Over the course of human history, many people have died for the sake of freedom. Freedom from tyrrany, freedom from opression, fredom from slavery, fredom from abuses of all kinds. And history is loaded with... more

Life is full of disappointment. For a man or woman of God trials are on every side. This Christian walk is a difficult way. Are you staring at some mountains in your life? Does Satan have you down, discouraged, and in dispair? Don't listen... more

To be filled with God, we must be in a constant state of repentance asking God for a renewal of our mind and spirit. It is our heavenly fathers plan to walk in the spirit and thereby not giving in to the lusts of the flesh. The main enemy of this... more

Many in the church today are puzzled by the Apostle Paul's statement in Timothy when he said, "...Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners; of whom I am chief". Was he admitting to being the cheif sinner, as a born again, Spirit filled... more

Many churches unknowingly teach that once a person gets born again at the cross, there's nothing more to do. But what if there are things that we have to do beyond the cross of Jesus Christ? Did you have a burning in your heart when... more

The New Testament warns us not to fail the grace of God. How is it possible to fail God's grace? We fail God's grace when we do not do the things we were given to do. God gives us grace not to sit around and do nothing but to do... more

Is Jesus Christ coming back any second? Will the Church miss the Great Tibulation? Most Bible scholars and popular radio ministers today say "yes" to both questions. But is it possible all these PHD's in Divinity and Christian... more

What do people want with their lives? What do people really need? We all know that we don't always want what is best for us. We know we should eat right but Oreos are better than broccoli. We all know we should exercise, but we are often... more

Most Christians across many denominations have been taught the doctrine of the "Trinity", one God in three persons. It is considered a "foundational" truth. But what does the Bible say? Does this doctrine stand up to Holy Scriputres? What... more

The Name of the Lord is a strong tower, and our power is in him when we are clean. The Lord Jesus Christ died for us so that we may be clean before him and full of power, having authority over the enemy and receiving that for which... more