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Jesus came to bring us abundant life yet so few find it. Join us for prayers and fellowship as we seek healing, deliverance and truly find life abundant.

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We are in the home stretch of our March to Victory in 2015. The enemy is being defeated day by day as we learn to trust in the Lord Jesus Christ. He is our healer, He is our strength and our great deliverer. In Him their is salvation and... more

Jesus told us to Love one another and he prayed that we should all be one. Does this command have any boundaries? Do all we need as believers is to beileve on Jesus and all of the rest will sort itself out? These are times in which much is... more

The Word of God, the Holy Bible promises us that Christians will suffer trials and temptations. It is the last time, and Satan is raging. That serpent comes to steal, kill, and destroy. He is as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. Don't... more

God sits on the throne and brings us glorious freedom and victory! Whatever comes your way, when you trust in Jesus, you will be an overcomer. Even if 10,000 fall by your side, it will not come near you. But what is the key? TO... more

God knows the end from the beginning. He has an appointed time for everything. As born again believers it is our job to wait with paitence for God's timing. This is difficult to do sometimes in the face of trials but necessary none the less. It is a... more

Praise the Lord! He is a mighty God. He is a Holy God. He is our Deliverer. Strength and honor are due unto his name. Let us shame the enemy by praising God, even so. Amen. Let us continue to serve him with holiness and... more

Our God is a Restorer! May he restore unto you Joy this year in Jesus name. May he restore unto you peace in Jesus name. May he restore unto you love, in Jesus name. May he restore your soul in Jesus name. May he restore your faith in... more

Is name it and claim it sound doctrine? Is it sin to be poor? Does Jesus Christ want you to be materially rich? Does the Bible teach that the greater your faith the more money you have? Turn to the Holy Scriptures with Brother Jim as he... more

There is victory in Jesus. That is the message for this year, this month, this day. Whatever your condition, this is the truth, God will provide his deliverance. God will provide his truth, God will provide the way out of the wilderness for you. It... more

Some born again believers wonder if they should be celebrating Old Testament Holy Days such as Passover, Feast of Weeks, etc. Most born again believers celebrate Easter thinking they are celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. A... more