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American Artist Carl Childs



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Gifts Amplified Together 4 Excellence (GATE4) we share and defend the unadulterated Word of God today and we are a Tower of truth for future generations.. We are a Crossed Sword and Lightsaber Spiritual Warfare Teaching Group. "We use the hard copy and electronic versions of the bible to share the Gospel, Ministry & Authority that we have through the blood and name of Jesus Christ. We share what God has also personally revealed in order for each of us to stay Kingdom bound, Major topics that we cover are: Forgiveness is a Requirement to Enter the Kingdom of God, Healing, Restoration, Family, Evidence of a Christian, Jesus Christ Spoiling the principalities, Spiritual Warfare, How to live according to the Bible, Fact about the Bible, Bible verses about the body, The Names & Titles of Jesus Christ, Marriage is a reflection of our relationship with Christ, Heavenly Language, Living Above Sin, The Holy Spirit--HE is the Spirit of Truth & our ability to live above sin, Leading others to Christ in Foreign countries, Power and requirements of Prayer, Obedience & Discipline of the Word, Where did Jesus go for 3 days?,Daily Renewing Your Mind, Speak Life Only, What does 7X70 mean?

On-Demand Episodes

Award-winning Artist & Author Carl Childs will give you more tools and tactics on how to deal with difficult family members. "This episode is in response to an overwhelming number of requests over the past 2 years." Now, by your request,... more

Award-winning Artist & Community Builder Carl Childs will share never before shared stories of hope, healing and closure to those impacted by hurricanes Katrina and Rita. "There is Joy in the middle of all this destruction!"

Award-winning Artist & Master Gamer Carl Childs will teach and share some tactics and strategy that will give you a world of options.

Award-winning Artist Carl Childs will teach and talk about health, fitness and safety for your baby! This is going to be a series!

Award-winning Artist Carl Childs is going to share special tactics and advanced manuevers in Star Trek Online (STO). STO is played on your favorite laptop or desktop computer! We are going to do a card spotlight on Star Wars Force... more

Award-winning Artist & Master Trainer Carl Childs will share how you can get back into school. " We are going to talk and share how to make it back into school and excel." Episode Sponsored by Carl's Gallery!

Award winning Artist & Fitness Trainer Carl Childs will prepare you with tips and secrets to get you prepared to enlist in the Armed Forces. "Each branch is equally important because together we are an unstoppable force!" "If it is your goal or... more

Award-winning Artist and Master Gamer Carl Childs will teach tactics and robust strategy to give you consistent victories! "Playing games, especially Star Wars is a wonderful experience!" "Winning consistently has a full treasure chest full of... more

Award winning Artist & Community Builder Carl Childs will teach the importance of working your craft. " As natural as it is to breathe, you must work your craft." Quote Artist Carl Childs Former Gamma Beta Phi President. "In order you be... more

Award-winning Artist Carl Childs, will teach and share steps that you can take to have a Wonderful Life! "Stop walking around like life sucks!" " If things are not how they should be, take time to change and improve your circumstances!"... more