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Fatherhood, discussing current issues that men deal with on a daily basis relating to the family structure as a husband, father & mentor. Also special guests, authors, organizations and events surrounding our community with positive change.

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Hope is the antidote. Life gets poisoned by distractions, disruptions and destructions - all of which are poisonous but temporary. Compartmentalization helps us contain hurtful issues while our hopes, dreams, purposes gives... more

Let's celebrate togetherness together. United we stand. Divided we fall. So, it it is interdependence not independence that makes us powerful, successful, hopeful and victorious as dads, families, communities, organizations, ministries and... more

Victory is in our hopes - Jeremiah King Maynard ( age 13)...Last week we shifted from Forgiving our Fathers to Fatherhood Victory. In so doing the pressing regret and area of correction and reflection for the dads on the show was a desire to... more

Picture victory. Dad, all things are working in confluence for you to eventually win. Maybe you were celebrated and appreciated on Father's day. Maybe you were not. Now matter how good or bad the situation, we must be familiar with and... more

Are you unhappy "because of others"? Are you always talking about how unhappy you are with someone else? Did you know that blessing is happiness? While unforgiveness is fuel for fools and food for feuds, a righteous appetite and... more

Are you harboring resentment? Are you really living well when you harbor resentment? When the enemy is winning in your life a spiritual beheading takes place; but he makes you think you are winning by being "right" for harboring... more

Be honest. What role has your unforgiveness played in your own misery? Unforgiveness chains you to past hurts and restricts free movement. It poisons life and shortcircuits joy. Grace given creates the atmoshphere for love to... more

A mended canopy still covers sufficiently. Forgiveness increases love and empowers. It is not enablement but it does enable relationships and families to heal and thrive. When we forgive our fathers we can properly reconnect with... more

Reconciliation is the repairing, restoring and redeeming relationships back to health, productivity and testimony. Many dads need forgiveness but many also need to forgive so that our families become healthy, productive and the victory... more

Redemption inspires. We all love a comeback story, where the fallen and failed hero gains loving and hopeful perspective. He returns wounded in doubt but empowered by hope to prevail. Can we forgive those who are supposed to be... more
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