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Fatherhood, discussing current issues that men deal with on a daily basis relating to the family structure as a husband, father & mentor. Also special guests, authors, organizations and events surrounding our community with positive change.

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The goal of parenting is maturity. Our parents had dreams for us regarding our future leadership that they either modeled, pushed, subtly expressed, strongly hinted at or clearly mapped out. They speak to our potential Join us at 6:30PM EST as we discuss our mother's expectations of our maturity and leadership, the lessons, the sayings, the subtle vision-casting, the encouragement, the scolding, the molding, the love
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Mothers sometimes see things emotionally and instinctually through intuition - sometimes right - sometimes wrong. When we listen to the right things they say about what they see, it is like a spiritual umbilical cord informing our... more

Fatherly perseverance is often about doing wisely in trying times, battling lethargy, complacency, depression and fear. Keeping your head up is a singular action but a group effort Join us at 6:30PM EST as we discuss stability and focus as a... more

It is so easy to get thrown off track. Some distractions are subtle. Some distractions are clear and present danger Join us at 6:30 EST as we discuss being intentional about what you do, say and plan during times up political,... more

Seizing the day happens before the day. Patience and preparation increases peace at home and everywhere else Join us at 6:30 as we discuss the example a patient and proactive dad gives to his children vs. a pressed and procrastinating... more

Unity is necessary for survival and success. As dads, we want our families and cooperative businesses to thrive. Join us at 6:30 as we discuss intentional empowerment that links passion, quality and compassion so individuals,... more

Success is planned. Talking is a part of planning. We talk about our ideas; however, an idea only becomes a plan when you have agreement, direction, intention and a schedule Join us at 6:30 PM EST as we discuss creating... more

A job cannot be passed down as an inheritance - real estate can, a business can, intellectual property can, investments can...values can Join us at 6:30 PM EST as we discuss creating businesses, taking ownership, building partnerships and... more

Our children are watching us, whether we complain, become bitter and remain stagnant or we focus and make definitive moves with joy and wisdom Join us at 6:30 PM EST as we discuss how to remain a joyful and forward thinking king... more

Appreciate where you'vr been. Reunions, visiting old friends and vacations are powerful reminders of not only our youth but how far we have come since the "Glory Days" Join us at 6:30PM as we discuss the importance of hindsight and... more
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