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Foster Brothers On Point discussing current events the Main Stream does not cover.

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Ferguson, MO Killing, Riots, Police State - Is this America?

Primary Voting August 2014 - Poll Update - Lamar Aleandexr vs Joe CarrJoe Carr

News Update - Border issues, Police Abuses and the New World Order

Details emerging that the staged immigration crisis will be the cause of the Economy Collapsing in Obama's 2nd term. This will cause extreme tension between current U.S. citizens and the Hispanic Immigrants. This is how Obama... more

Border Crisis Immigration Mexican Military Fires on US Border Patrol, Obama's Silent

Orchestrated Border Crisis Update Millions Cross the Border

Children Latest Pawn in Immigration Amnesty

A look intot he lies of the VA Heath Care Progam.

Articles of Impeachment: Barrack Hussein Obama (And charges of criminal offenses and activities) 1. Conspiracy and intent to defraud; RE: General Motors, Chrysler Corporation, and the American Auto industry, UAW Autoworkers... more

Tonight Show, Live from the Room of Mirrors Studio, Foster Brothers on Point Covers The War on Testosterone. Why traditional male behavior is a threat to the New World Order.