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'Still Flyin' Over the Heartland'

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Flyover Territory

Flyover Territory


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Some of the news coming forth in the past few weeks raises many questions; it's as if the Professional Left Media have put the brakes on some reports, yet other stories deemed newsworthy are full tilt boogie, pedal to the metal, balls to the wall... you get the point.

News stories such as the DOJ changing the definition of rape, lawmakers calling out global warming deniers as being "dangerous to mankind", more Fast and Furious scandal tapdancing in front of Congressional Judiciary Committee, the lady from Starbucks who got her job thanks to Obama goes to work FOR Obama.  

Officials from the administration of the Beloved Kenyan Premiere in the West Wing redefining statutes as well as playing the duck, dodge and downplay tacktic when it comes to islamic jihadists attempting to do harm to our troops stateside. Case in point, Major Nidal Hasan (can't say 'former', as his court martial is still up in the air) - aka the Fort Hood shooting "suspect", of whom they considered the crime to be a "workplace violence" incident.

Speaking of muslims, we have The Chosen One playing class warfare, but calling a cease fire whenever there is a fundraiser to be had. Seems he'll villify those he doesn't like until it becomes clear he needs their money; perhaps there's some hidden, secret handshake that assures those donors THEIR taxes won't go up or property seized by Occupiers.

Plus, Aussie jihadists planning major hits on that island continent. Seems they think the law doesn't apply to them and they can do pretty much whatever mayhem they please, but you won't hear a whisper of that out of the Leftward press. Is it just me, or are the jihadi's lately being inconsiderate, hypocrital jerks?

[WARNING! Questionable words may be used in the process of this episode... so you can't say weren't given a heads up!]