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Still Flyin' - Cain, Kochs and Kooks (Part Deux)

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Flyover Territory

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Herman Cain, STILL targeted due to his being black and conservative. Pretty lame excuse considering how far the Professional Leftward Media types will hold up how they're so pro-civil rights, empathy for those of color, etc. Turns out, it's a SHAM! Politico release a story which has no firm foundation, no named sources and full of rumor and innuendo it's not even close to funny. Jonathan Martin has openly published something which will go down in history that will always have the "Clarence Thomas effect" on Cain, whether it turns out to be true or false. It's so vague it's as if they're playing non-disclosure agreement chicken on the information highway. This way, they don't get dinged for helping someone violate it. Now there's a FOURTH AND FIFTH being added to the list of accusers; these women being mentioned, yet only ONE coming forth in front of cameras. The worst part of all, that legal shill with numerous axes to grind, Gloria Allred is "providing" legal representation. Well, isn't that special?

Also more out of the Occupy Movement that's been learned recently. Turns out those folks in Oakland DID play Gaza Strip Entifada with the police. More reports of violent and sexual assault at numerous Occupy Movement locations which is starting to take on its own internal "police state" sort of attitude to counter the issue. Now there's more folk being found dead at various Occupy Movement gatherings, three now,  which no one seemed to notice. Talk about ripe conditions...

So ladies & menfolk... sit down, strap in & HOLD ON!